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The traditional watermark is an identifying image on paper that is either visible to the naked eye or with special lights are used to make them visible. Watermarks are used to protect copyright documents against counterfeiting. Governments use watermarks on postage stamps, currency notes, and other official documents to discourage counterfeiting. There are two commonly used methods to produce watermarks; one is called the dandy roll process, and the other is the cylinder roll method.In banks we see cashiers examining a currency note suspected to be a counterfeit under a special light. The watermark on valid currency notes is visible when viewed under this special light and is not visible to the naked eye. Asides from governments, organizations, have also used watermarks to discourage other organizations and criminals from trying to fake their documents.

Today in the digital world digital watermarks are used to protect copyrights. Digital watermarks are inserted in audio, video, images and copyright documents. A digital watermark is a covertly embedded signal. Like the traditional watermark, a digital watermark is used to trace copyright infringements.

A digital watermark can be an embedded audio signal. This signal can be applied to audio, video, pictures, text and 3D models. A special algorithm is used to create this unique digital watermark. This process can be quite costly and frequent contributors to social media and blog sites do not use this type of digital watermark.

Add watermark to PDF documents and images which are visible and show that the content is copyright.

If you are an internet user you must have noticed that you see more pictures with watermarks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and in general on websites. You may be wondering why you should use watermarks on photos and documents that you publish on your website. The reason is quite simple; you must have heard or read about pictures being altered and misused and of copyright material being redistributed illegally on the internet.

Add Watermark to PDF to protect the copyright of any material that you place on the web. On the other hand, internet marketers and people working on social networks place their watermark on brands that they are promoting. When users come across this watermark, they know exactly who the owner of the brand is. Using watermarks will prevent your competitors from using your pictures and documents. It will protect your work from illegal use. A digital watermark cannot be erased and removed if you have used a branded watermark logo maker. Once you add watermark to PDF, ensure that it cannot be copied, removed or tampered with. Remember hackers are always trying to remove legal watermarks. Therefore, you must use a top quality watermark maker to add watermark to PDF to protect your copyright material.

If you are a blogger, add watermark to PDF and images and not on pictures of accidents and disasters. It will help in people not relating you to only blogging about disasters and won’t create a negative image about you.

If you decide to add watermark to PDF and other copyright material, it’s essential you place it in an area that does not interrupt the image. Placing it in the right bottom corner or any corner would be a good idea. You must be careful in choosing where to place the watermark if you are using it on a series of images or pages. Add watermark to PDF in one place throughout the document or images. Don’t keep changing its placement on every page or image as that would appear to be untidy.

When you add watermark to PDF make sure that it will be visible on all the contents that you plan to use it on. Choose colors that will be visible from various color backgrounds, and the watermark should be visible but subtle. You add watermark to PDF to display your ownership of the material, but not to overpower the impact of the image.

If you are planning to add watermark to PDF documents or images, content, etc. that you post daily to your social media account; this might be quite a daunting task to undertake.

You first need to create a watermark design, and then you need to search for watermark logo maker software to make your digital watermark. Once you have created your watermark and wanted to embed it in PDF documents, you will need to find a utility that will do this work for you.

To add your watermark to your PDF files, you can use the free tool available on Just go to the site and search for the ‘watermark’ icon and click on it. Or to go directly to the site copy/paste in the address bar of your search browser.The site will open and select and drop the PDF files that you want to add watermark to PDF. Next, select the type of watermark. It can be a text or image watermark that is your watermark. If you want to place a text watermark, type in the text, and it should not exceed 80 characters. If it’s an image, select the image. Next enter the placing layer that can be ‘over the PDF content’ or ‘below the PDF content.’ Now select the watermark position. The choices are top, middle, and bottom. Now select the watermark side. Let’s say you have selected to place the watermark at the bottom; you also need to select the side; the choices are the center, right and left. Click on the ‘Apply watermark’ icon and your watermark will be placed on your PDF files.

This utility by to place watermarks on PDF files is the easiest tool to use. You don’t have to use free watermark software for windows 7 or free watermark software for mac, in case you are a Mac user.

Searching and using free watermarks download will take up space on your device and whenever an update is released, you will have to install it. So why go through all this hassle when you have a free tool available which will do the job online.

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