Converting PowerPoint to Pdf

Make PPTX slideshows easy to view by converting them to PDF.

It’s always a good and safe idea to convert all your documents, pictures, graphics and presentations to PDF before distributing them on a network. Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software developed by Microsoft. It is packaged along with Word, Excel, and Access in Microsoft Office suite of applications.

Microsoft PowerPoint has and is a very popular application for making presentations. It is extensively used in organizations, academic institutions and wherever high-quality presentations are made and used. It has been improved tremendously since it first appeared on the market in 1990. Microsoft recognized the potential of this application and purchased it from the software company that had developed it. PowerPoint has been a part of Microsoft Office suite of programs since 1993.

PowerPoint was initially developed to produce transparencies which were used in a projector to make a presentation. The second version could also produce 35mm slides. PowerPoint kept adapting as new technologies were introduced to make presentations, especially in organizations. Many versions have since been produced since then to cater for the latest modes of operations.

It’s not uncommon to see an executive hook up a multimedia projector to his or her laptop and make a PowerPoint presentation. Some artists have also been using PowerPoint to display their art to audiences. The current version is PowerPoint 16 which is no longer limited to running on Microsoft Windows or Macintosh operating system. It has now been compatible to work on IOS and Android.

These enhancements have been made to fulfill the market demands. People now use tablets and smartphones for work, entertainment, and communication. Therefore PowerPoint needed to be upgraded so that people on the move could make their presentations while traveling.

Microsoft PowerPoint files were saved as pptx files and in Office 2007 and onwards versions are saved as pptx files. So if you have a presentation saved in the latest pptx version, you would need a convert pptx to pdf utility to make a PDF copy of the presentation.

PDF we all know has become the universal standard for exchanging files. Adobe PDF was invented to allow files to be sent and viewed and read regardless of the device, hardware or software on which the file was placed. There are no restraints like we encounter with other files. For instance, Microsoft changed their Word document file to the docx format. It meant that people who have the older version of Microsoft Office word cannot open these files. The same happened for other Microsoft office applications. Microsoft went ahead and changed the file saving format which is not downwards compatible.

On the other hand, regardless of which version a document, spreadsheet or presentation is made in Microsoft’s Office applications, they can be saved in PDF file format. PDF files are not dependent on operating systems, hardware or applications and can be used across different platforms.

Asides from being platform independent PDF files cannot be altered or tampered with. There are several levels of securities that can be applied to PDF files. PDF files can be password protected; they can be viewed but not downloaded. Even if an attempt is made to alter a PDF file, it will leave traceable evidence of tampering.

Quite often we come across websites on which we can read the content, but we cannot download or alter it. That’s why PDF files are much safer than files in other formats. Just to make sure that your PowerPoint presentation does not get altered when you send it or does not get downloaded and altered; you should save and send it as a PDF file.

The PDF file will contain the same content as the original PowerPoint file as PDF does not alter any file. Also if you have saved your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file, you can be quite sure that all the recipients of the file will be able to view it. All of the modern day browsers can display PDF files, so there are no issues there. Whether a recipient has an older version of PowerPoint or the new version will not matter, as all of them can see the presentation in the PDF format.

There is some websites advertising convert pptx to word 2007, convert PowerPoint to word 2010 and so on. But you don’t need to shop around for them. If you want to convert pptx into pdf lets show you an easy way to do it

Go to from your internet browser and scroll down to the PowerPoint to PDF icon. Click on it, and the tool will open. Another way to get to the utility is to copy/paste in your search browser and get straight to the application. Select the PowerPoint file it doesn’t matter if it’s in pptx or pptx format. The application will convert both these formats into PDF.

After you have selected the file click on the ‘convert’ icon and wait a few seconds. The utility will tell you that your file in PDF format is ready. You can now download it and save it. Now you can see how simple it is to save your PowerPoint presentation files in PDF. You don’t have to download and install any software, and you can use this handy tool anywhere, and the icing on the cake is that it’s free to use.

Don’t worry if some of your presentations were saved in the pre-2007 version of Microsoft PowerPoint and your newer presentations are in the newer version. This tool can handle both versions and convert them to PDF. In fact, it would be a good idea to convert and save all your presentations in PDF format. Don’t worry you can make a presentation using a PDF file as well, so you are not restricted to using PowerPoint. Also, PDF files can be opened on any device which makes them extremely versatile. So go ahead and used this handy tool to convert and save PowerPoint files in PDF.

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