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Convert Excel to PDF online in a few clicks with this free Tool. Drag and drop the Excel sheet and convert into a PDF file. Follow the steps given below for conversion.

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Make EXCEL files easy to read by converting them to PDF.

How To Convert Excel To PDF

  • Open online Excel to PDF converter.
  • On the page, you’ll find three options to upload your file. Click on the one that has your file.
  • Next, click “Convert to PDF.” The tool will convert XlS to PDF, and return the result to download.
  • Here, you can either click “Download Your File” to download a zip file containing your PDF, or click “Try Again” to try the process again, with another file.

About SmallSeoTools’ Excel to PDF Converter:

The online facility offered by SmallSeoTools gives its users the opportunity to convert XLSx to PDF without following any hard and fast rules. For your convenience we design a user-friendly tool to convert Excel to PDF file in a few seconds. You don’t have to go through various ambiguous steps like giving personal information for using this online utility, as you might have to do while using other online applications. Our developers have shown their excellent skills by designing such a tool that will convert your Excel files into high-quality PDFs within a flash of an eye. There is no need to wait much to get your resultant file as you might have to, with other online converters.


You can enjoy a plethora of useful features in this converter. Some of the main features of our online utility are discussed below.

No installation or sign up required

Our tool doesn’t restrict you to go through the boring and tedious sign-up procedures to export Excel to PDF, as you were supposed to do in the past while utilizing other tools. You also don’t have to make any installation on your device, as this Excel to PDF online converter can be accessed from any part of the globe with a strong internet connection.

100% Safe and Free

Good things can never be free, but it’s not true with this utility, as you can turn as many Excel files into PDFs as you desire without paying a single penny. You will not be asked to purchase a subscription plan to get assistance from our online converter. You can get a secure and protected conversion of your XLSx to PDF with our free online facility.

Saves Time

The traditional method of converting an Excel file into PDF was hectic, as you required an exclusive application for this purpose. This method needed a huge amount of time and effort from you. But, this Excel to PDF converter online provides you with a converted file instantaneously.

Consistent Formatting

Most of the online converters disturb the formatting of the file, and you may have to spend hours to rearrange it. Fortunately, you can save your time and efforts by using this tool to convert XlS to PDF, as you will get undisturbed and consistent formatting of your files after the conversion.

Access from Anywhere, Anytime

We are presenting you with an entirely web-based tool that enables you to use it from any part of the planet without any hassle. You don’t need to sit at a specific place like your office, classroom, or anywhere else or need to wait for some particular hours to convert XLS to PDF. This tool can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.


There are many other benefits that you can get by using our free online XlSx to PDF converter. A few main advantages are listed below.

Portability of data

One of the significant benefits of converting Excel to PDF is that you can view a PDF file on any device without installing a special application like you need Office suite to open an XLS file. After the conversion in PDF, you can view your data on any device without any hurdles.

Easy Understanding of Data

The layout of Excel seems complex and ambiguous to some people, and they may find it difficult to understand the data on a spreadsheet. On the other hand, PDF is immensely popular due to its excellent layout that improves the readability of the data. So, for better understanding of data you can convert XLSX to PDF in a few seconds.

Protect it with Password

PDF files are widely appreciated by people from all over the world due to its security features. You can Password Protect PDF to save it from any unauthorized access. Our online XLSx to PDF lets you convert your Excel files into PDF that can be secured with a password to prevent any third-party from getting access to it without your permission.

Dependency of MS Office

Excel files are mostly used on Microsoft office, but what if a device doesn’t have an Office suite installed in it? You may not open your Excel files. But, after converting your spreadsheet to PDF with our tool, you can run it without installing any special software.

Availability of PDF Functions

Our tool allows you to use all the amazing and useful functions to convert Excel to PDF format. Once you save Excel as PDF you will be able to perform all the actions that a portable document format offers. For the further conversion of PDF files you may also explore our PDF tools like PDF to Word, PDF to JPG, PPT to PDF or many more.

About Excel to PDF

Excel is one of the best applications that is widely used to manage balance sheets, keeping the monitorial records, and other business-related calculations effectively. This document format enables you to store all the critical numeric data appropriately. Excel files are also known as a spreadsheet, as it contains cells and columns to handle data adequately.

However, this format has some limitations that make it ineffective in many scenarios. You cannot send this file freely as the receiver side must-have application to run an XLS file. This will make the use of excel troublesome, as you may need extensive time to overcome these issues.

So, the best way to save your time and efforts is by converting your spreadsheet into a format that doesn’t restrict its users to obey any such rules. PDF is the best option that you could have to get rid of such problems. Our online facility provides you the luxury to turn a number of Excel files into PDF without giving money to anyone. A few taps on your device will allow you to online convert Excel to PDF through this tool.

Final Remarks!

If you are looking for an easier way than manual conversion, then the use of Excel to PDF converter online should be your first choice. There are plenty of online tools that offer you to turn XLS to PDF. Each tool will have a specific quality and unique in it’s own way but this is the one and only tool which possesses all the qualities that you could wish for. If you still don’t believe in us, try now and see by yourself how magnificent this tool is.


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