Converting EXCEL To PDF

Make EXCEL files easy to read by converting them to PDF.

Microsoft Excel is a wonderful software that lets you do all kinds of things on a spreadsheet. Before Microsoft introduced it, the major way people completed tasks like checks and balances, accounting computations, and even simple arithmetic calculations were by hand, on a large sheet of paper.

That’s why they call it a spreadsheet.

It would take hours and even days to complete simple calculations because people would have to sum up each of the numbers in each of the columns, and then write them in their appropriate fields. More complex calculations like arithmetic mean and others would take even more extended periods of time. It is needless to say that the whole process was a hassle.

Microsoft introduced the software as a part of its office suite package, and they are exactly what they sound like – programs to automate and speed up normal office tasks. The suite contains programs like Microsoft Word that pretty much eliminated the need for typewriters and PowerPoint which made presentations a thousand times easier. After Microsoft introduced Excel, other independent developers created similarly, and even more specialized software. This software made spreadsheet calculations even easier to do.

Thanks to Microsoft and Excel, you can now perform different kinds of calculations with relative ease. With the program, you can even run calculations that you could never have done in real life-calculations you wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Unfortunately, Excel has many downsides that might limit your ability to use it to its full potential. All of these limitations come from one singular feature of the program: It is extremely delineated. In most cases, this would be a good thing. But imagine you wanted to present your calculations and permutations to a group of people.

At this point, you might wish you were working with a more flexible file format like PDF. Excel lacks that kind of flexibility, and that can limit its use.

Also, unlike PDF, you can’t share Excel files with people. Not so much that you can’t send it, but they may not be able to open the files. This is because of its format. In other situations, they open the file, and all the numbers and columns are jumbled up together. This will dilute, or completely eliminate your point-which is deeply troublesome considering the amount of time and effort you must have put into creating it.

Apart from the fact that all the characters get jumbled up when you send Excel documents, there is another severe limitation you might experience from using it as a go-to file format. As an example, imagine you wanted to show someone some financial projections that you have made; or some calculations that you thought were worth sharing.

You could just send the file, but there’s one problem: Excel confuses like it does most people. Short of coming over and explaining the figures, or making a lengthy phone call, I can’t get the point you’re trying to pass. Can you imagine how frustrating this could be? I believe you can begin to see why you need an alternative.

Guess what you can do here? You can create Excel to PDF converter online free!

If you’re wondering what the solution to this problem might be, you’re not alone. Luckily, you don’t have to wonder any longer. The simple solution is to convert Excel to PDF. Using Excel Files to PDF converter software is the perfect solution because PDF documents can be easily accessed and opened by everyone.

Additionally, the figures and characters stay consistent no matter how many times you send and open them. Add this to the fact that you can use PDF documents to make your presentations, and we have a permanent solution to our Excel problem.

Using this software will no doubt save you a lot of headaches and problems you might encounter in using Excel. If you think about it, it’s a win-win for you. Do your calculations on Excel and then change xls to PDF? You get the best of both worlds! What’s more, is that you can use the Excel to PDF Converter Online free of charge.

Ideally, a process like this would take a lot of time and effort. If you wanted to export XLS to PDF, you would first have to copy all your figures into a program like Microsoft Word – one that could easily be formatted into PDF.

Then you would have to arrange your characters in the program to make sure they were aligned properly. If you have any charts, you would have to find a creative way to export those. Needless to say, it’s an ordeal. The good news is that you don’t have to do any of these. The process of convert Excel to PDF Files online is very easy as you’ll see.

Follow these simple steps to change your file formats from XLS to PDF.

  • Visit https://smallseotools.com/excel-to-pdf/ to open the tool web page.
  • On the page, you’ll find three options to upload your file. From here, you can feed the tool the file you want to convert from. Click on the one that has your file.
  • If you selected “Choose from Google Drive,” you’ll be asked to confirm your Gmail.
  • Then, navigate to your file in the window that pops up. After finding your file, select it. The tool will then load the file.
  • If you selected “Choose from Dropbox”, the process is pretty much the same thing.
    XLS to PDF
    Convert XLS to PDF
  • If you choose “Upload,” you can simply navigate to your file, select it and upload it.
  • Next, click “Convert to PDF.” Here, the page will load for a few seconds and take you to the download page.
  • Here, you can either click “Download Your File” to download a zip file containing your PDF, or click “Try Again” to try the process again, with another file.
    Excel To PDF Converter Online

If you encounter any problems using the tool, just walk through the steps and try again. Usually, there are three main sources of problems using the tool

  • Poor internet connectivity: Simply check your internet and try again
  • You didn’t choose the right file (it must be an Excel/XLS file): Make sure you chose the right file
  • You didn’t specify where you want your file to be downloaded to: check your device storage for the file.

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