Your Website is Not a Brochure!

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If you’re an old school business, you might have a hard time understanding that the purpose of your website has more to do with sales and less to do with marketing. The fact of the matter, however, is that visitors are already there on your site so the marketing part is done. Now it’s time to sell!

You know those annoying sales call you always get every time you sit down for dinner? The ones that go on and on and all you want to do is get off the phone and move on with your life? That’s exactly how it feels when you get to a website that talks more about the experience that results.

At this point in the conversation, save the accomplishments and history for the About page. Your landing page should make it as easy as possible to do that one thing you want visitors to do. It could be to contact you or to BUY NOW.

Simplify your website, beginning with a clean design (obviously) but carry it through with simple, straight forward information.

Assume that your website is what a qualified prospect will see when they already want to buy what you’re selling… and you can lay off on selling it so much.


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