Why You Should Stop Worrying About Google Panda and Penguin

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You should also stop worrying about Zebra, Aardvark, and Koala Bear or any other potentially cute-animal-inspired updates to the way that Google calculates quality results for search engine users.

If you’ve ever been slammed by an algorithm change, chalk it up as a loss but don’t lose the lesson because change is inevitable.

Google is the good guy, you know?

If you were affected by a Google pet, here may be negative emotions. Fear, anger, frustration, annoyance, and embarrassment are all part of the normal grieving process. Pointing the finger of blame at Google, however, is not the answer.

You see, Google provides an invaluable service to internet users. This is why Google is the leading search engine. Yes, there are some flaws and imperfections but they work hard to improve their service because that’s what keeps you in the #1 position. (You’re taking notes, right?)

So it’s nothing personal if you were knocked down a few spots after the most recent Google update. The best and only course of action is to ask “how can I offer more value to people”.

The answer:

You should really stop taking shortcuts.

Cutting corners is bad, and it’s going to hurt you more than it will help you. Whether in the actual service/product you describe or the way you designed your website… putting people first is how you can get ahead and stay ahead. True story!

So instead of over optimizing for a high value, low competition keyword… focus on engaging visitors and giving people a reason to visit your website more than once. Instead of dwelling on word count and keyword density, prioritize topic value including originality and usefulness.

There, that’s not so hard is it?

The age of internet success through websites that exist only for ad revenue or affiliate marketing purposes has ended. If you’re truly an entrepreneur, find your niche and be the expert that others will turn to. It takes passion, skills, and hard work. There will be challenges to overcome… but that’s where the passion comes in and that’s how new skills are gained.

Until you become a leader in your market, you’re just competing against everyone else who is only in it for the money. Those are the “results” being eliminated from search engine results because people deserve the best.

In summary—focus on you, what you do, who you do it for, what they want, and how you can do it best. Only then will the rest fall into place.


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