Why You Should Stop Worrying About Google Optimization

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If you are kept up at night worrying about what algorithm updates cutely named after animals will be released next… You are not alone. For so many internet marketing service providers, your job security is in the hands of a search engine giant that appears to be toying with you like a kitten and laser pointer. You take one step forward and two steps back… Or so it seems.

Or, perhaps you’ve been doing it wrong.

It seems as though Google continues to release updates that focus on improving its primary service (as a search engine) for end users. Specifically personal device users, but even computer users can experience an improvement in results.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that you are a search engine user. You are away on vacation and looking for the closest pizza shop. So you pull out your phone and search for “pizza shop” then, just like that, you have a list of nearby pizza shops.

Wouldn’t it be a royal pain to have to click on the website for each result in order to get information? Isn’t it helpful that Google can give you the names, locations, and phone number for the closest pizza shops…As well as the star rating review!

From the perspective of a pizza shop owner, you should stop worrying about how to rank on the front page of Google. You should stop worrying about how to drive traffic to your website. Instead, you should focus on providing quality pizza and customer service, keeping the level of satisfaction high enough that Google users will view your business as a worthy option out of many.

But you’re not a pizza shop. Your job is to help drive traffic to clients’ websites through optimal placement in search results.

Or, is it?

Perhaps, as an internet marketing professional, your job is to help clients improve their online presence overall. In general, take note of what Google has done and work at improving customer experience in every possible way.

Besides, it never does a bit of good to even try to drive traffic to a website that isn’t doing what it should to begin with.

As soon as you worry more about optimizing for people (and less for Google) then you will be on the right path to offering internet marketing services that can withstand the test of any algorithm changes, ever.


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