White Hat SEO Techniques

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You don’t have to dive all into the topic of SEO to find there is a strong conflict between black hat and white hat SEO providers. But you do have to dive deeper to understand that the root of this controversy is not based on the SEO techniques used. Instead, it is (originally) based on the varying goals and expectations.

Black hat SEO techniques are used for get-rich-quick-schemes. When I say used, I mean they work. That’s why they exist. They work because they are not designed to be sustainable. This is why you should be careful about hiring cheap SEO providers that use black hat techniques… you don’t want a shortcut. You want long term growth and success.

Why white hat SEO techniques are sustainable.

  • You aren’t focusing on getting on the front page of Google as quickly as possible. You’re more patient, with realistic goals.
  • Your website isn’t disposable, so you take the time to do it right.
  • It is important that your website be valuable for end users.

The difference with white hat SEO techniques is quality.

Any link building focuses on quality, not quantity. Effective link building techniques include (but are not limited to) guest blogging, or exchanging links with relevant websites. More importantly, link building is not viewed as an SEO technique. Instead, it is a marketing strategy that puts your brand in front of a targeted audience.

Content production also focuses on quality, not quantity. In fact, blog topics might not even include a keyword… but they ignite conversation and get more subscribers or shares!

Why white hat SEO techniques costare worth so much more.

If you own a real business, and want to have real success, it is worth the extra cost to hire white hat SEO providers that specialize in brand management and marketing. Search engine optimization is nothing more than a marketing strategy, and if you hire any SEO provider who doesn’t get branding then you’re probably getting black hat techniques.

With that being said, branding and marketing are skills that take time and effort to maintain. There is more pressure in choosing the right methods, when somebody else’s reputation is on the line. It costs more because it’s worth more. If you care about long term success… look for the skills that are worth more rather than the lowest bidder.


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