WhatsApp Bans More Than Two Million Accounts Every Month

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WhatsApp, a messenger, and voice over IP service owned by Facebook, bans two million accounts without any filed reports or human involvement.


According to the service engineers, there is a massive increase in the number of spammers and fake accounts. These two are the most common problems arising in social media networks and other messaging apps. WhatsApp has developed a system that detects if a person is sending a large number of messages or have more than one accounts on a device.

WhatsApp removed more than two million accounts when its system detected people using multiple accounts on one device, which includes mass messaging as well. According to the news, this developed system can detect and ban almost twenty percent of incomplete reports at the registration phase.

As claimed by the executives at WhatsApp, they had to figure out a way to stop people from misusing this application. There are people who right after registration start sending a considerable number of messages and almost seventy-five percent of the two million accounts were banned without any human report.

Also, Matt Jones, a WhatsApp software engineer said, people are using special software to create multiple accounts on one device, and we have found such accounts and banned them. The company has upgraded its security software and added a few updates to this messaging app for a user-friendly atmosphere.

The suspicious link detection and administrative controls have much improved since last year. Multiple reports from users will get the account banned permanently so if you have someone bothering you on WhatsApp, now is the time for reporting it.


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