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If you’re new to the business end of the internet, it can be pretty tough to find the clear cut information you need to understand what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about. More importantly, it can be even harder to find up to date information.
There are a few logical reasons why it could be so hard to find simple info about SEO for beginners, and they include

  1. The fact that SEO rules, techniques, and strategies seem to change quite frequently. It can be hard to keep up, unless that’s “what you do”.
  2. Explaining SEO in a tone that doesn’t assume you don’t already understand the basics of SEO can also be a challenge.
  3. Those who blog or publish most frequently about SEO have something to gain by convincing newbies that it’s too complicated to understand.

So What Do You Need To Know About SEO?

Assuming you are a business owner who’s finally decided to join the world wide web and gain the advantage of exposure to a modern generation… welcome to the net! You have probably heard a designer or developer toss certain phrases around, and it could be confusing.
You’re not alone, in fact you might find comfort in knowing that most business owners don’t even know how to spell SEO—let alone what it really means. It’s a phrase that can be applied to a well maintained website. Search engine optimization is something that should begin during website development. If you skip that step… you may have to spend more money down the road to get the most money back from your investment. More on that in a bit.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is also an ongoing effort for a well maintained website. That’s optional. Every business is different. The bottom line is that you should never feel pressured to invest on a service that you don’t understand. Not only should you understand the basics, but you should know enough to choose responsibly when hiring an SEO provider.

Can You Give Me an Example?

Examples are the easiest way to understand a new subject, so here it is. Perhaps there will be something you can relate to?
Betty owns a bakery. It’s been a successful first year, and now she is interviewing various web developers because she is ready to take her business to the next level. The phrase “search engine optimization” or “SEO” keeps coming up with each option.
With a little research, Betty understands that SEO will help new customers find her business when they search on Google for specific keywords (related to her services)such as “custom wedding cakes”, “pastries”, or “catering”.
Betty also learns that aggressive (black hat) SEO can backfire, which means her website can be blacklisted (blocked from displaying in search engine results), so she decides to ask each option which SEO techniques they will use.
Even though Betty doesn’t fully understand the responses, she establishes that she is not a naïve customer. This way, she can analyze which of her options are honest and detailed about the SEO strategies they will use and can eliminate the options that could put the credibility of her brand at risk.


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