What Is Back-end Web Development, and why is it important?

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Back-end web development consists of three essential parts within the average website: the database, the server, and the application. If someone was to log onto an online retailer and purchase tickets to a concert, then they will interact with that website through the front-end. Once information has been entered, the application within the website stores it within a database that was created on the server. In simple terms, back-end web development is the structure that permits the sharing of information across people and accounts. In essence, back-end development is the root of a website, the component that offers up energy, power, and enables the website to grow.

Enabling a Better Online Experience

Without an effective and efficient back-end web development, your customer can not have a good experience on your website. The back-end of your web application is the thing that enables a front-end experience for your user. You can have a stunning webpage, but if the application doesn’t work, then the whole thing will end up being a failure. The back-end of your website is responsible for things such as database interactions, calculations, and performance, and most of the coding that is required to make a website function will be done through the back-end. If a website crashes often, experiences a lot of errors, or runs too slowly, then the chances are this is because of back-end issues. However, back-end development is not all code. Similarly to front-end development, back-end web development requires a certain degree of human interaction. Since most of the code for any application will be written at the back-end, it needs to be easy to manipulate and work with. Most languages for back-end developing, such as Python or Ruby, have styles and idioms that can make working with code more enjoyable for the developer.


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