What are the Elements of SEO-Friendly Web Copy?

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When you’re organizing or managing an online business, one of the most important things to ensure is that your web-copy is SEO friendly. After all, you can have the greatest business in the world, but what you sell won’t matter unless your customers can find you. The three most important pillars of SEO-friendly copy include:

  • A call to action – this tells your customer what you want them to do, whether it's buying an item, subscribe to a newsletter or download an eBook.
  • Benefit-focused content – the content that shows your visitors you know what you’re talking about, and helps them to solve the problems that they may regularly have.
  • Keyword research

Most businesses struggle immediately when it comes to considering keywords. For example, if someone sells bags on their website, a lot of companies think that they can get away with simply using the term “bag” as their key focus. However, if you visit Google and type the word “bag” into the search bar, you’ll end up with literally hundreds of millions of results. You need to narrow down your results a little bit.

 Choosing the Right Keywords

Think about what your company is trying to sell. If you’re selling E-Books, then what kind of E-Books are you selling? What are they about, specifically, what are the author’s names, and who would be most interested in purchasing them? Be specific about your descriptions and decide on keywords that make the most sense for each specific page within your website. Once you’ve chosen those keywords, you can incorporate them into your content, meta-descriptions and tags at the ideal points. It can be tempting to use broad, generic keyword terms in an effort to reach audiences from all over the world, looking for anything remotely close to what you’re selling – but this isn’t a great way to improve your ranking.

The Benefits of Good Keywords

A main issue that many businesses forget is that creating their website is not all about improving their business – it’s also about offering a good experience for the customer. Have you ever clicked on a website link and found yourself wondering about what exactly the company is trying to tell you? Your content should solve problems, and show how whatever you do is better, and different to your competitors, while still being concise enough that your audience knows exactly what’s going on from the moment they hit your landing page.

What to Cover in your Content

Find out which questions your clients are asking, and answer them. Show your customer base how you are different from your competition, and go beyond the everyday empty boasts like “We’re better than the rest”. Show your consumer base what you actually do, and how you do it. Describe where your business started and where you hope to go. Remember, your content shouldn’t make your client work too hard. Try to take your audience by the hand when they visit your website and guide them through the pages that you want them to visit. SEO friendly copy should help with this by showing your prospects how you can solve their various problems, using the same language that they use in everyday conversation.


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