The Tips to Help Your Startup Go Viral

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When Facebook decided to hand over a sweet $16 billion to the creators of WhatsApp to own their service, most people were amazed by the incredibly high valuation. However, what may be even more amazing is the fact that WhatsApp generated a following of over 450 million users every month without using a single penny of their budget on marketing. This is an ideal example of a product that is viral right down to its core. Popularity spread because the application was capable of providing a great service to users, families, friends and colleagues alike.

So how do you develop your own viral marketing effect that helps your product to take off through your customers’ networks? Begging for likes on social media and bribing people with referral programs don’t always work, so why not try some of the following tips instead?

1. Make Sure Sharing doesn’t Just Benefit You

When you’re making a sharing campaign, think about the things that your customers care about the most regarding your product. Is it all about achieving the cheapest price available, or do they want to know that they can gain access to premium services that aren’t available anywhere else? Find out what your customers really want, and you’ll have your first tool for viral growth.

2. Making Sharing Emotionally Valuable

Coca-Cola is popular throughout the world, in part because of its emotional campaigns for marketing. From creating the popular image of Santa Claus (Holidays are coming) to “teaching the world to sing”, this company is all about reaching out to its audience. For example, the famous logo for the business has recently been replaced on bottles and cans with thousands of personalized names, so that you can buy one for your best friend, lover, mother, sister, or colleague… the list is endless.

Think about whether you can harness some kind of emotional impact with your product to drive growth. Could you introduce a new user experience or feature that may add a more emotionally-driven incentive to your product experience?

3. Make Sharing Part of What Your Product is For

GoPro bases most of its marketing structure on the tagline of “Be a hero”, which emphasizes the benefits of using their cameras for sharing adventures and impressing peers. For this company, the customers are the best possible marketing tools, because highlights and footage are constantly being shared. Think about how you could make sharing part of the purpose of your product.

4. Develop a Powerful Idea

Aligning your company or product with an engaging and interesting idea is the best way to get consumers more involved. Find out whether you could become part of the community that is interested in the idea behind your product. For example, if you sell nutritious food, join a movement that is dedicated to making the world a healthier place. Support causes, join organizations and invite speakers to local events. Be genuine in your support, and show that you care about what you’re doing.


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