Users Can Test Their Real Code In Google’s AMP & Mobile Friendly

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Google Mobile Friendly


AMP is used to check the performance of a webpage regarding its loading speed, that whether it looks good on a mobile device or not. Every website should be optimized this way because it is a vital part of your existence online. If you aren’t already aware, there are countries where people use the internet more on smartphones than on personal computers. You can use the tool to validate the configurations of the accelerated mobile page with the new update now you can even edit the code while in the tool and rerun the code again to check all possibilities.

The mobile-friendly testing checks if the pages of your site are supported well by mobile devices or not and are the pages fully responsive or it requires some modification. The tool asks for a URL of the webpage to run the test, and now with the new feature added you can edit it in the code editor facility. Before deploying the code to the original file, you can edit and run it in the tool to see if it’s working fine. The news was shared yesterday by Google webmasters in a tweet followed by the update.

If you are asking why it is important then, the new feature allows you to test the newly added snippet in the code instantly instead of uploading it to the original file and then providing the URL of the page to the tool. If the results weren’t positive then again you had to edit the file and upload it, but now you can make a change in the code and see its results instantly in the tool.

So, webmasters and developers can now check the code before letting the site go live. If the results are negative, no worries, now you can edit the code without any difficulty in the tool and run the test again immediately. You can now toggle between adding the code and providing the URL in the tool. Results are displayed in the same pattern, it’s without a doubt, small but beneficial update for developers because it will save a lot of time and reduce the risk of getting the wrong code live.


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