Apple Surprise Everyone With A White Credit Card & Gaming Service

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On the day when Apple TV Plus and Apple News+ made its launch, the company also introduced the credit card known as Apple Card made of titanium. Why are we calling it a white credit card is because of its appearance, it just contains the Apple logo with no information nothing else, no CVV, no signature, no expiration date, nothing.


Apple Surprises


People can easily sign for the card on Apple devices, after approval, the card can be found digitally saved in the wallet app, this is where you can check your existing balance along with the statement. The purchases can be made through touch and Face identification, and whenever you make a purchase, the passcode will be changed plus the destinations of purchases are saved to let you know when and where you made that purchase.  This way the users can get up to three percent of cash back and will be available to use in the apple pay account.

And, there are no fees for the Apple Card as regular cards have annual or one-time processing fee plus there isn’t any increased interest rate. Details on the purchases made by users are stored in a separate place to avoid possible Ad targeting. The Apple Card will be available later this summer because there’s more to it than one can imagine.

Apple gaming subscription was also introduced along with other surprises, and this subscription will enable you to access more than a hundred games (by the end of this year available in the App Store that belongs to iOS) with pricing that which will be announced later. The games will be available for playing offline as well, and users can play on all the Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and Apple TV.

Apple has been surprising everybody through the years and will continue to, with its surprising developments in electronics and operating systems. The launch of Apple Arcade, News Plus, Apple Card, and Apple TV app for MacBook is going to let Apple deal with the slow orders for its iPhones.  


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