Could Area51-M Be The Most Powerful Laptop Ever Made?

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Alienware has been manufacturing gaming laptops since 2010. Gamers love the hardware plus accessories because of the quality, and Alienware won 35 awards so far in the year 2017. These portable gaming beasts are little pricy, but despite this fact, gamers want to buy these machines no matter what.

The laptop was exhibited in the Consumer Electronic Show 2019 in Las Vegas and will be available for purchase from January 21st, 2019. Its unique design consists of 17 inches screen so gamers can enjoy the HD graphics wherever they want with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080p. The body is made out of magnesium the lightest of all metals and is resistant to corrosion.



It weighs almost 8.5 pounds, cannot say it is lightweight but it is definitely lighter than the older versions of gaming laptops which had more than 10 pounds of weight. The best part about this beauty is it has customizable lights under the keyboard giving it an extraordinary look. Gamers of today ask for chroma lights which they can get in this astonishing machine.

If you are wondering about the hardware well, get ready to be surprised. The laptop will be available in i-7 - 8th generation processors with a minimum of 8 GB ram and the master of graphics RTX 2060 gaming chip by NVidia with 6 GB VRAM. If you think that isn’t enough then you can consider the next option in which you can get Core i-9 processor, 64 GB of Ram and storage of 2 terabytes in Solid State Drive and an RTX 2080 with a VRAM of 8 GB, now that is a dream come true for every gamer.

If you think there will heat up problem then let me tell you the company has added two large vents on the rear and sides to push out all the hot air and a big vent at the very bottom which will be responsible for pulling in Cool air, so there will be no more heat up issues ever.

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