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For years, Small SEO Tools has been the #1 resource for SEO providers, internet marketers, and webmasters because we strive to offer the best SEO tools for free—no strings attached.

We don’t ask you to sign up for an account or to surrender your first born child. Simply visit your favorite tool(s)—most of you have already have them bookmarked—and run your tests, analytics, or diagnostics.

As you may know, the worlds of SEO, internet marketing, and web management has changed over the years correlating with the changes in search engine algorithms, web design trends, technology in general, and consumer trust.

With that being said, Small SEO Tools is changing too. Don’t worry because we will continue to offer your favorite SEO tools for free…

Plus Our New SEO Tools!

That’s right… Small SEO Tools has added to the library of free tools that you are welcome to use. For free. These additions will now allow you to:

  • Protect your website from copyright infringement
  • Perform in depth research of any element you can imagine about a website: coding, SEO, originality, grammar, credibility, PR authenticity, and so much more!
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time it would take you to run an audit or compose an analytic report manually

We’ve added many new tools for your convenience, including:

  1. Anti-Plagiarism Banners
  2. Page Speed Checker
  3. Server Status Analysis
  4. IP Checker
  5. Broken Link Tool
  6. IP Location Tool
  7. Keyword Position
  8. Spell Checker
  9. Page Snooper
  10. Visitor Hit Counter
  11. Link Tracker
  12. XML Site Generator
  13. And many, many more…

That’s Not All!

Small SEO Tools is growing in other ways too… stay tuned for some very exciting news!


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