Should Your Business Start Using QR Codes?

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It’s not a brand new technology, but the implementation of QR Codes (Quick Response Code) will tell people that you are an innovative leader in your industry.

Or, they will backfire. Hard. For an in depth look at how bad QR Codes can be, check out this book. To avoid making the same mistakes, ask yourself these important questions…

Where Will The QR Code Lead To?

If you develop software or apps, you’re definitely late to the QR Code bandwagon and that’s fine. Just focus on the obvious: users will scan this code on their phone and it will pull up ______.

It could be your website, or it could be a link to download an app. It could be a landing page, like a coupon or a form to join your mailing list for special offers. In most cases, QR Codes lead to websites.

So Is Your Website Responsive?

Don’t use QR Codes if the website is not mobile friendly. Seriously. Don’t.

How Will You Use QR Codes?

It’s okay to put them on business cards. It’s okay to put them on flyers, sales sheets, and other print collateral. It’s not that cool to get a QR Code tattoo and it’s pretty pointless to put it on your website. Right?

Do You Really Need To?

It’s not that QR Codes might just turn out to be a fad, but they are definitely optional. It’s not as necessary as actually having a website and it’s certainly not as important as things like:

  • Having a quality website
  • Having loyal customers
  • Continuing to improve the quality of your products/services and growing your business.

In a sense, QR Codes can be gimmicky and unnecessary. It may consume the time of your IT department, graphic designer, and other team members. If their time would be better spend somewhere else, it should be.

Will It Be a Benefit for Your Customers / Target Customers?

Honestly, this should have been the first question you asked. In every decision you make. It’s still up in the air whether QR Codes are a benefit or a pain. For those that do decide to take out their phone to scan your code… it can lead to a big disappointment if you fail to deliver something worth scanning for.


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