SEO Strategy: Overcome your Blogging Block

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Many professional businesses and organizations are taking up the concept of running a blog these days for the numerous benefits it produces. If you’re one of the many people running a blog, and after committing to posting three times a week, you start to feel the deadline looming closer, you may experience moments where your mind shuts down, and you can’t think of anything worth writing about. 

Here most people thought of committing plagiarism. Do you really know what is plagiarism? It's a serious crime and the owner of content can also sue the plagiarists. Whether you are plagiarizing or not always check for plagiarism to stand out. It’s challenging to muster up creativity on demand, and when you’re stuck for ideas, you may need a fresh perspective to help you fight against blogging block.

With that in mind, here are some tips that could help to refresh your brainpower.

Brainstorm with the People Closest to You

It’s your business and your commitment, but that doesn’t mean that the people you care about won’t do what they can to help if you ask. Get a few friends together and try to collaborate and think up new ideas. Sometimes, bouncing different concepts off other people is one of the easiest ways to gather further information, restart your thought process and get your creative energy flowing.

Browse Google

There’s a reason why the phrase “Just Google it” has become a standard part of everyday life. The internet, in general, is like a gigantic brain full of ideas for you to pick at, explore, and develop. Browse some articles in your niche and see what other people are doing, then think about what you could do better. Remember, you can’t simply copy and paste other people’s ideas, but you can use them for inspiration.

Check out Pinterest and YouTube

One thing that many people forget is that the best blogging ideas don’t have to come from words – they can be carved from visual stimuli. Check out some of the how-tos and tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest that relate to your industry area and see if they spark some creativity in you. You may even glance at a random picture and find that it gives you a fantastic idea for your latest post. If you wish to explore better ideas through an image, you can use the reverse picture search tool that runs on advanced CBIR technology.

Make Use of A Generator

Most new bloggers don’t realize that there are tools out there that can help to generate ideas for you. Certain websites come equipped with free devices that allow you to input a couple of keywords and receive a new blog title after the click of a button.

Leave Your Office or Desk

Sometimes, spending too much time in the same environment can cause your creative mind to stagnate. You find yourself following the same daily routine and struggling to think outside the box. If this happens, remember that creativity doesn’t always have to come from within. Get outside and find inspiration in the world around you.


Remember why you started blogging in the first place. If you’re trying to attract new customers, talk to them on social media sites and ask them what kind of content they would like to see. Find out what kind of questions customers have been asking about products and services similar to yours, then answer them. You may be surprised at all the ideas that suddenly emerge.


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