SEO Link Building Strategies That You Won't Regret Someday

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Instead of freaking out about the most recent (or upcoming) updates to Google’s algorithm, you should know that there are essentially only two ways to build inbound links for SEO.

The first type of SEO link building strategy is probably why you’re freaking out. It came from the hottest new tips or strategies, a passing trend that would almost guarantee top placement in search engine results… and quickly. In other words, you cut corners. Any aggressive SEO strategy will backfire, and it’s really that simple.

On the other hand, sustainable SEO link building strategies aren’t perfect either. While you’re playing it safe and doing everything right, there are many other websites that rank above you because they are more aggressive with their search engine optimization.

So a lack of patience is what drives you to the “dark side”… where it seems to be worth the risk. In the long run, however, it never is worth the risk. It’s also not worth the headaches, the stress, or the extensive expenses of fixing your mistakes.

Start by understanding the differences in link building strategies.

You may not want to be bothered with the details; that’s what you hire SEO specialists for. However, ignorance is no excuse when your brand is on the line! There are honest and ethical link building specialists out there. It could be an individual professional or a reputable company, but you can trust them because they are an expert at what they do.

Unfortunately, for every credible specialist, there will be a dozen unreliable “scam artists” ready to take your money and run when the Google hammer drops down and shatters your reputation. It is probably more convenient for you to hire an expert to manage your online presence so you can focus on growing a successful business… but it is in your best interest to make every effort to understand the difference between sustainable, safe SEO link building and the highly aggressive, risky strategies.

How to avoid risky link building schemes:

  • Look for telltale signs of a scam or scammer before hiring an SEO specialist. Common red flags include generic or poorly written web content, no verifiable case studies, and clearly falsified testimonials.
  • Don’t shop around for a bargain. The cheapest SEO providers are also the most unskilled and unreliable.
  • When you find an agency or individual that seems credible, ask for the specifics about what services will be performed to help you achieve your goals. Compare the details against Google’s guidelines to make sure you are on the same page.

How Google wants you to do it:

  • Give visitors the information they are looking for by providing high-quality content on your website.
  • To publish quality content that will get shared or linked to naturally by other websites.
  • To publish quality newsworthy press releases, guest blogs, and marketing articles (with natural, relevant backlinks).
  • Do links to the most relevant page on your website… not just the home page. You can also link to your social account, individual blog posts, etc.
  • Do use anchor text for backlinks, but…
  • Do not force keywords into anchor text links. Choose the most relevant phrases considering the context, even if it isn’t a target search phrase.
  • Do not use link schemes. Mmmmkay?

In summary…

Focus on the customer-oriented quality of your business, and of your website. SEO is not a priority, it is something to implement naturally and effectively for maximum exposure. SEO is a marketing strategy, and not something worth gambling the reputation of your brand over.


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