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Summertime can be the slowest season for some businesses. It’s tougher to plan meetings, and while entrepreneurs take advantage of these summer months to focus on aspects of their business that go neglected the rest of the year… you might also be tempted to get distracted by the warm weather and whatever outdoor activities you’d rather be doing.

In short, the summer is when the time you spend on your business—which you love—really begins to feel like more work than it should. Here are a few things you can do to improve your summer schedule and maximize productivity without wearing yourself out:

Take your top customers out to lunch.

Invite prospective, or former, customers out for a mid-day break and listen to what’s on their mind. Not only will they appreciate you taking the effort to ask, but you will receive valued feedback that will help you understand customer insight and improve your business strategy.

Set up a fun group activity.

If you really want to get to know your customers, invite a handful of clients (or prospects) out for a great experience such as a sporting event, round of golf, or even zip lining. It’s next to impossible for clients to turn down an exciting experience, so take the networking out of the office and share an adventure that will truly impress your clients and ignite an authentic connection.


Spend some free time helping a good cause or local organization. You’ll feel good about yourself and may even connect with like-minded people who could ultimately become a great source of referrals for your business.

Send Out Thank Yous

Sending out thank you notes—or better yet, gifts if you can budget it—to your best customers is a surefire way to establish a lasting, loyal relationship.

Focus on Internal Management

You may use this extra down time to revisit your business plan and revamp as needed. Make the most out of the summer and take care of those little things that you otherwise don’t have time to deal with.


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