See The Reality: AT&T Tries To Sweep Its 5G E Lies

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AT&T deceives customers by updating their phones with fake 5G network icon. The phone actually can’t connect to these networks. AT&T updates three smartphones from LG and Samsung to show 5G connectivity icons. These phones can’t connect to 5G when the LG V30, LG V40, and Samsung Galaxy S8 Active are connected to LTE network of AT&T that have speed-boosting updates, they will show “5G E” icon instead of LTE.

The “E” is considered as the logo of 5G to tip you off. It was only marketing nonsense. The logo is misleading because you can’t recognize the fact behind this icon. The “E” looks smaller than the remaining icon. In fact, 5G E means 5G Evolution, and it is difficult to understand immediately.




To win the 5G marketing war, AT&T has to look at brand portions of the LTE network. These specific portions of network receive speed-boosting upgrades and must be faster than LTE. They are actually trying to win the marketing wars.

The nonsense is out now, and it can be overlooked to build a standards-based, real 5G network. Cellular company is trying to remind everyone about their network efforts in a fact sheet. They inquisitively forget to mention their 5G Evolution network. The network is not real at the moment.

The fact sheet may give a decent look at the actual work of carrier in 5G development. You may get information about the cities in which the network will be available. Moreover, the company has announced this network in a few devices. You may quibble over a few milestones. AT&T is trying to be the first company to turn 5G dreams into reality. It is supposed to be legitimate information on 5G plans of the company.

If AT&T is really viewing its 5G E network, there must be some underlying components of the network. The company is trying to list its 5G milestones. Perhaps they have to mention 5G tests, trials, and demos.

Unfortunately, these elements are missing because 5G Evolution is not 5G. The fact sheet and latest release seem like some quick efforts of AT&T to sweep the whole experience under the rug. It seems they gear up for their actual 5G launch in the upcoming months.


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