Search Engine Optimization isn’t just about Google

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When explaining SEO to a non-techie, I always start by asking “how do you look up the phone number for a nearby pizza place, or show times at a local movie theater, or the best deal on a new pair of shoes?”

The answer, not surprisingly, is always Google.

So it makes sense that those who do know SEO also focus on Google… but you know there are other search engines. Right?

Did you know that Bing gives better insight into your web presence than Google?

On the back end, from a webmaster or SEO point of view, Bing webmaster tools provides access to more useful information. You can now claim official pages beyond your website and analyze data more effectively within Bing webmaster tools.

After all, building a web presence in this decade goes far beyond your website. It’s a huge benefit to be able to connect multiple pages, including social media accounts, into a centralized dashboard.

Although Microsoft is typically known as “the other guy”, this is one instance where Bing did it right. Another thing to take note on is that Bing has kept keyword data (while Google has moved away from keywords all together).

For more information on what Bing does that Google doesn’t, read more at

Remember, you don’t have to suddenly choose to optimize and analyze at Bing instead. This isn’t a pick-just- one situation (like you’ve probably been doing all along with Google).


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