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Running Short of Content? Let’s Recreate it!

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Content marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing strategies implemented by businesses operating in this online spectrum. According to a survey, it has been analyzed that content marketing generates 3 times more leads as compared to traditional marketing tactics, and its costs are 62% lesser. With this stat, you can easily understand the actual reason behind the hype of this marketing tactic all around the globe.

Content marketing isn’t a short-term game; simply put, you cannot expect to generate results by publishing a couple of blogs. You’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time in your blogging and content creation journey in order to skyrocket your business’s leads and conversions.

Many people question how much time they need to invest. To be honest, you need to keep going without losing hope until your content manages to find its way to the targeted audience.

In this hustle, you may come across several problems, such as running short of content. When you are working on a small niche, you can easily run out of ideas. However, it doesn’t mean that you have reached the maximum capacity, and there is no need to upload content anymore.

Do you have an idea of how you can make use of the content you already have to keep moving forward with your content marketing strategy? If you have hit this content wall, you can beat it by recreating and repurposing your existing content.

We are here with this blog to help you understand the best use of your existing content. So let’s get started without any further ado!


Tips to Recreate Existing Content

 Tips to recreate existing content


1. Create Shorter Snippets


If you have created long-form content pieces, you can use the information contained in them to create shorter snippets.

Marketing professionals focus on creating lengthy blog posts, as it’s thought that Google considers comprehensive articles more valuable and provides them with a higher ranking. 

However, it’s worth mentioning here that shorter content pieces also possess the power to gain ranking against specific keywords. 

For instance, you have created a complete guide, and it contains several portions that users search individually on Google.

You can make use of such parts of your content and reuse them to create shorter snippets. It will help you to come up with content that targets specific LSI keywords and obtain a ranking against them.


2. Alter the Content Structure


You can make use of your old content by altering its content structure. Suppose that you have published a blog post and it has gained much appreciation and impressions from the audience. 

Instead of leaving that post after the good it has done, you can change its structure and reuse the content contained in it. 

A blog post can be converted into a podcast, which is also a valuable content form. You must have an idea that reading something is different from listening to its audio version. Hence, converting a high-performing blog post into a podcast can help you create an engaging conversation with the targeted audience. 


3. Make Buyers’ Guides from Blog Posts


If you have created blog posts around your business and the products it offers, you can reuse them to create buyers’ guides. 

You might have discussed different ways in which your products can be useful for buyers. This information can be combined and repurposed into buyers’ guides that can allow the targeted audience to understand the actual purpose of your products. 

You can also transform the blogs that explain how to use the product into video content. This content recreation will help you gain the attention of potential customers and lead them to buy what you’re offering.


4. Repurpose Content for Social Media Posts


When it comes to sharing content with the audience and gaining maximum reach, you cannot put social media on the side. Your business’ social media pages should be flooded with engaging posts; it can only happen if you have enough content in the pipeline. 

As you need to keep posting on social media on a daily basis, you can easily run short of ideas. You can keep yourself away from facing this drought by repurposing and paraphrasing content available on your site for social media posts. 

A single blog post can help you create hundreds of engaging social media posts. You’ll need to invest a little design effort to make it possible, but once you get started on this journey, you’ll never face a blockage in creating and sharing content.


5. Use Published Content for Email Marketing


Email marketing is another way of keeping your business alive in the competition. However, just like other forms of digital marketing, a successful email marketing campaign can only be run if you have enough content. 

The previously published content can help you in this regard as well. You might have shared stories related to your business or how it works with respect to different events related to the audience. 

You can repurpose this type of content and use the art of storytelling to share enticing emails with the customers. It can grow your impact in the market and help your business develop its authority.


That’s All!


Have you been running short of ideas to create content? There’s no need to be worried about it anymore, as you can follow the ways discussed above to recreate existing content. Generating new ideas might become impossible at one point in your content creation journey. When such a time comes, you can follow content-revamping strategies to make use of the content you already have. It can allow you to stay in the game and keep growing your business.


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