Reasons Why People Un-Like You

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It is overly optimistic and counterproductive to only focus on positive metrics (such as New Likes) when analyzing your social marketing campaign, so don’t overlook the warning signs that could turn sour.

With that being said, dwelling on the negative can also be a bad idea. Keep a balanced perspective between what is working and what isn’t, and understand that if you are losing a significant number of fans it is probably due to one of these common mistakes:

Too many special offers

Even if you have a great offer (after offer, after offer…) it will get old. Quickly. Too much of a good thing is no good for anyone, it loses all value and appeal.

Too many self-promotional posts.

When it comes to social media, keep the self-promotional posts to a fair balance.

Too many updates, period.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “how often should I post updates”? You don’t want to find out how much is too much the hard way, so a better question is to ask at what times your most actively engaged fans are actively on social media. “When” is more valuable (and less spammy) than “how much”.

Too many autoresponder updates.

If you rely on a tool like Hootsuite to keep up with all your social accounts, you don’t get it. Way to take the social out of social media!

You’ve disappointed your fans.

This is a common scenario when you suckered people into liking you in exchange for some incentive… and now they’ve lost interest.

You don’t really offer anything of value.

What do you offer that will keep fans interested?


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