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Anchor Text is one of the chief SEO tools used to make one’s website well-known. Anchoring text is delineated as a link that is evident, clickable text in a hyperlink which can be of assistance for a user to hop to another page through that link effortlessly. In modern browsers, it is often blue and underlined

So, the visitor can easily connect content of a page to another one as it can be fashioned wherever within a post or an article with the aid of html coding— (href—sitename.html)

Everyone is getting benefits using Internet as it has ended a lot to make it easier to extend information at a more rapidly velocity than ever before. It adds to its beauty by inserting supplementary information right into the text in the form of a link called hyperlink. It generally provides users with the relevant contextual & evocative idea about the content of the given link. Visitors find a post festooned with anchor texts trouble-free as it not only helps a reader to get an excess of useful information but also helps the search engine to get further links from your post. It can be created anywhere inside a post, article content or any text in a post. Anchor texts attain more importance in search engines than those mere links. Anchor texts optimization can be done both internally & externally.


it refers to optimization within a website. Such as one can use correlated keywords as anchor texts if a website has a hyperlink to another webpage instead of using generic words. For example, if a website is running to provide information on increasing website traffic, it can use anchor texts as Get information on increasing website traffic here instead of Get information on increasing website traffic here


it involves optimizing anchor texts in the inbound links that a site gets. Anchor texts optimization can be achieved by swapping over links with correlated websites. All search engines confer a bundle of importance to a link from a related site with an anchor text. Directory submission plays an additional vital role in anchor texts optimization. By submitting your websites in directories, i.e. yahoo directory, Dmoz, LookSmart, Zeal, joint.com, business.com, allthebizz.com, provides you with quality incoming links & such links are crawled more often by the search engines.

It’s important to use Anchor texts appropriately & not compel it gracelessly into a Web page; as an alternative, get a way to make it natural and legible. Let us now make out an apt use of anchor text within a post/article to optimize the content:

  1. It shouldn’t be too long or complex however a petite expression with 3-5 words indicating a functional sense to the linking leaf.
  2. While giving a link or anchor text you must take in its relevance or similarity to the topic you are thrashing out. Avoid creating irrelevant links.
  3. Repeating same links in an article time & again is repulsive. Your post should be inviting & pleasing if you want extra traffic to your website.
  4. Give your anchor texts various color or design than the same fonts of your post. It can be helpful for the visitors to recognize the substance they want. Using similar fonts & color may be faceless by the readers in sometimes.

Anchor texts has reputed higher as a powerful SEO tool, however its power of being descriptive & helpful, for search engines as well as readers, makes it highly regarded.



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