Marketing Your Website to the Mobile Consumer

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The steadfast increase in mobile browsing and buying is… well, not news. Right? Yet it is shocking how many business owners have yet to adapt to the changing consumer… so here are a few tips on how you can keep your brand from sinking:

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Here’s the thing. You can’t just upgrade your website to a responsive (mobile & tablet device friendly) theme and call it a day.

A truly mobile friendly design also caters to the simplicity of using a smaller screen. This is why you may have noticed a growing trend in the “one-page layout” designs, where there are more pages for extra information but that landing page contains everything you need to know… in short blurbs.

Customize your responsible website with a simple navigation, comb through the content and information on each page and ensure that even mobile users will not lose interest on arrival.

Decrease Page Load Time

If you thought that the average computer user had a shorter attention span, you were correct. Now divide that lack of patience by infinity because data plans (rather, data caps) already frustrate smartphone users as it is… but you can certainly win somebody over if your webpages load quickly.

One of the most important things you can do is get rid of any unnecessary clutter, especially “heavy” media.

Imagine Users Will Only Look at One Page

This is why each individual page should be mobile user oriented. Remember that your home page is not always the “landing page” (first page a user lands on). It could be a product or service page, and each page should provide users with the information they need instead of having to click a link to complete a specific action.

SEO for Mobile Users

The benefit of GPS and local search are a wonderful thing when it comes to targeting a local audience, but above and beyond that you will also want to cater to shorter search phrases in general. Mobile keywords should be treated separately, of course.


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