Link Building— A Closer Look at This Controversial SEO Technique

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First of all, SEO is not dead. It never will be. As long as people use Google to find information, your business will receive tremendous benefits with a front page placement in search results. This will never change… but the SEO techniques used to achieve this coveted goal will continue to change.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at one of the most controversial SEO techniques.

Does Link Building Help—or Hurt—Your SEO Strategy?

That depends on how you choose to build backlinks.

Buying bulk backlinks for cheap… that’s gonna hurt you. Investing in a reputable link marketing company might help you, but even that depends on the methods used to produce your links.

The best strategy is always to publish quality content on your website and on relevant websites under natural and useful context. Let real people do the sharing—going viral is the most powerful way dominate the web.

This can be a big challenge for start-ups however. So if you need a boost to expand your web presence through link building, please keep one thing in mind.

Effective Links are for Marketing, Not SEO.

That is, essentially, the same thing as the tired expression “quality over quantity”. If you’ve ever felt confused about what the saying means, perhaps a different perspective will offer some clarification.

There may have been a time when the most fundamental benefit of authority backlinks was viewed as Google Page Rank. The more sites pointing to your own, the bigger your own authority. Right?

This is something that has changed and will continue to change. Forget what Google asks you to do… think about putting more stock in each individual link and focus on the people who will gain exposure to your website.

Focus on links that people will want to click.

Effective Link Building Strategies That Will Never Die:

  1. Publish quality content. Duh.
  2. Write guest blogs for relevant websites. They can be outside of your industry, as long as your topic will be appealing to that audience.
  3. Promote your articles on social media. Sometimes you get more shares when the link is already there in the newstream.
  4. Hire somebody to write a guest blog that will be published on your website. That’s right—hire them. Professionals will bring their own audience and promotion, but they won’t do it for free!
  5. Rinse and repeat.


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