Is it Time to Redevelop Your Website?

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With a few rare exceptions, websites need to be redeveloped every few years. This isn’t the same thing as updating your website… that task should be done much more frequently!

To put it simply, there are 4 basic elements to your website:

  • Static content- the information and media on your web pages can easily be updated.
  • Blog- an optional section of your website that should only exist if you update it at least once a month
  • Design- a visual first impression of what you’re all about. It goes deeper than a color palette and logo and can be tricky to update so it usually stays pretty consistent
  • Everything else—the software used, navigational architecture, etc. This too can be updated.

With all the effort you put into keeping your website up to date, why bother thinking about redeveloping the whole stinking thing?

Does your audience use hand held technology?

You don’t have to think about it. The answer is probably yes because who doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet these days?

So it’s safe to assume that somebody might try to visit your website from something that isn’t a desktop or laptop computer. Responsive websites immediately transform and they are user friendly on any device. If you’re reading this article, you haven’t updated your website in the last 3 years so it’s probably not easy to navigate through unless you’re on a computer.

Go ahead, whip out your phone and check. See?

Does your website still fit you?

Most web developers can patch in new features as needed. However, it could be more cost effective… and effective all the way around… to just start over from scratch. If you initially needed a simple, static website but now you need the ability to manage online sales… don’t settle for a patch job. Rebrand yourself!

Are you rebranding?

This is another thing that successful businesses do to show growth. They evolve. If you’ve begun collaborating with a graphic designer to work on a new logo, go for the full package and redevelop your entire website to fit the new image. You won’t regret it!

Has your current website been a big disappointment?

This might not be a good enough reason to redevelop. The problem might not be the website, but the way you market and utilize it.

In most cases, the question (“should I redevelop my website?”) is also the answer (“yes!”) but you have to justify the cost and approach it from scratch. Some of your current site may be saved, especially if you have an extensive blog archive. You don’t have to wipe the slate clean entirely, but you have to be able to identify what’s working and what isn’t. This is the only way to be certain the new site will be the success you hope for.


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