iRobot Introduces An Autonomous Robot For Your Lawn

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The creators of Roomba vacuum, iRobot, introduces their first autonomous robot. It is an excellent lawnmower of the era, the Terra. While most sovereign lawnmowers work within their boundaries with a laydown wire, the Terra works with wireless beacons. It can work within the perimeter of your lawn. Terra, the autonomous lawnmower, is based on a simple setup.

A companion application is available for users to guide this robot to work around the lawn. They can teach it the right places to go and the wrong places to avoid. Users can create a digital map of the yard for Terra. Users can guide Terra to prevent furniture and flowerbeds.



iRobot claims that their Terra can handle steep, uneven terrain and endure the elements. In addition, Terra can trim the grass at different heights and mow in parallel, straight lines. With Terra, even lazy owners can get a beautiful lawn pattern. This robot can work successfully for a consistent one hour. iRobot claims that it can be fully charged in two hours. If its battery runs out mid-route, it will go back to the charger and start working again from the same point. The Terra is weatherproof because it is designed to work outdoors.

Terra, the advanced lawnmower, features dual modular spring and shears technology, so don’t worry about heavy rocks. If its blades hit any rock or a massive object, they immediately bounce back instead of snapping. It comes with a front bumper to avoid a wrecked bot. With the use of a connected app, users can define the height of grass and make necessary adjustments as required. It is equally useful to monitor the route and schedule of the mower. Users can pair Terra over Wi-Fi, but iRobot is silent over a potential issue of weak signals in the yards. There is no explanation on how to deal with this issue.  


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