How Using Online Marketing can Increase your in-Store Sales

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Approximately 88% of consumers today research the products and services that they want online before making the actual purchase at a physical store. If you want to take advantage of this trend, then your brand needs to have the right digital marketing strategy to place its products in front of the right audience at the right time. A detailed and comprehensive plan for digital marketing will help you to boost your return on investment by driving sales to both your online and offline businesses.

Find Data to help you Understand Your Audience

Understanding exactly what your audience wants and needs is the first step in creating a successful plan for digital marketing that can, in turn, increase your sales. Analyzing the different trends that emerge with data can help to determine the interests and behaviors of different demographic segments, improving your customer management and providing imperative insights. By learning how your users behave, what they find engaging, where they interact and what they need, you can develop campaigns that are targeted to maximize your investment.

Target your Customers and Amplify your Content

Once you understand exactly what your audience is searching for when they’re online, you can use advertising to help increase your offline sales and visibility. Studies have shown that customers are far more likely to choose sponsored ads over organic content when they’re searching for goods. Targeting the right audience means that you can have specialized content shown at the optimum time and place, to draw in the people most likely to buy your products or services.

Use Consistent and Authentic Branding

The chances are you will have already spent a lot of time perfecting your in-store experience and brand but are you sure that your online presence tells the same story? If your online content and branding don’t reflect your offline image, then your customers may feel less engaged or more confused. Stay as true as possible to your brand, and make sure that you develop content that provides an atmosphere of authenticity and engagement so that your customers keep coming back for more.

Expand your Customer Relations and Drive Support

Customer support is not a concept that is completely limited to call centers and store management. Whether or not you’re directly involved, you can be sure that customers will be discussing your brand online, and at the same time, influencing the decisions made by others. Join the conversation wherever you can and respond to the users that reach out. By showing that you care about what your customers think and whether they have a good experience, you’re more likely to build a more dedicated following, therefore generating a higher rate of sale.

Track Your Results and Optimize

Analyzing your data helps you to figure out the return on investment you are benefiting from as a result of your online efforts. By examining the data from your social, search and website campaigns, you can come to a decision about which content works best for you, and which measures are better at drawing in engagement. To measure your offline sales, try using unique codes for specific locations and products, as this will allow you to track your ROI from online ads.


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