How To Spot a Quality Content Writer

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There will be parts of running a business where you will need to hire a specialist for specific services so that you can focus on the more important parts of running your business. So you can’t be an expert in everything, but you do have to know how to tell a reputable accountant from a shady one, an organized bookkeeper from a reckless one, a skilled designer from an amateur, and a quality content writer from a crappy one.

Well, here are some of the ways you can easily spot the quality content writers:

Social Following

Here’s the thing about testimonials… they hold no water anymore. It’s too easy to fabricate a testimonial and there is always bias. What you can count on is a strong social following. Not the kind you buy… never hire any internet marketer who has clearly paid for their Facebook Fans or Twitter Followers. Yet if an internet marketing specialist has an active social account, with an engaged audience, then you know they have done something right and maybe—just maybe—they can do the same for you!

Internet Savvy

Look at the experience from every possible perspective. A quality content writer has been there, done that many times over so they are more likely to offer advice when you ask for something that would not be effective. If you find somebody who isn’t afraid to guide you to a better idea and can explain the why with clarity, then you have found a keeper!


Expect to provide the topics and substance because you are the authority in your industry, and chances are high that you may not find a writer who actually possesses expertise in your niche. However, a quality content writer is capable of writing on any topic with a tone and voice of authority despite having no prior experience or knowledge. He also assures content originality by attaching a plagiarism detection report along with the content.

Familiar with Basic Marketing Concepts

A crappy content writer gives you a bunch of words in exchange for your money,

A quality content writer can comfortably discuss branding identity, core audience, and goals (long & short term). In fact, a quality content writer should ask for a SWOT Analysis before taking you on as a new client. After all, content marketing is a form of marketing so it really helps to hire somebody who can produce quality content and keep you on the right track towards your marketing goals.


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