How to Improve Your SEO Reports

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When a client chooses to give you their hard earned money for SEO services, you automatically assume the responsibility of:

  • Answering questions
  • Protecting the credibility of your clients’ brand
  • Using your time efficiently
  • Providing a report that shows important data
  • Explaining that data

Clients take note that results is not on the list above. It should be, because results is a given.

What Are The Expected Results?

SEO reports should focus on results. There should be narrative for clients that don’t understand what the data actually means. Honestly there should be narrative even when they do.

A simple comment like “Hey! Looks like your bounce rate has dropped since last month… glad we made those changes to your home page.” This is the evidence a client needs to prove their investment is going to good use.

Search Engine Results Placement Isn’t It.

Sure, getting on the front page of Google is one of those goals but brand exposure isn’t ever going to have a measurable return on investment on its’ own. So clients deserve SEO reports that measure internal data as well.

Roll your sleeves up and dig deeper. Gain insight into which keywords bring traffic that becomes customers and which keywords bring traffic that bounces. This is what your client is paying for… so deliver the services that get the desired results as well as the report that proves it.

Don’t Rely on SEO Tools To Build the Report for You.

It doesn’t matter how great an SEO tool is, it isn’t personal. It isn’t complete. A quarterly SEO Report should take 1-3 hours to put together, and only 5 minutes of that is spend on running the tests using Small SEO Tools. The rest is up to you to personalize for each client.

Be Professional.

Take the time to design a professional SEO report with branding. Even though each report is customized you can still use a template to reduce the time it takes to organize the most commonly used information.

Be Relevant with the Frequency.

Consider the time it takes to build an SEO report and include that in your pricing structure. There’s a big difference between a monthly SEO report and a quarterly report, and you should work closely with each client to determine which package will best suit their needs and budget.


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