How To Improve Google Page Rank The Right Way

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Not everything is as simple as choosing between one right way and one wrong way. When it comes to internet marketing, including SEO and improving Google PR (page rank), there is a sliding scale with most strategies falling into a gray area. At one end of the scale (black hat strategies) the risk is too great. At the other end, (white hat strategies) the challenge is too high.
Of course you want to play it by the book (or as close as possible) so if you want to improve your Google Page Rank without taking risks, start by asking Google.

Ask Google How to Improve Your Page Rank

No, not in a Google search… you might find pages that are littered with bad advice. Instead, here’s what Google says about how to improve Page Rank:
“In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.” (Source:
Straight from the horse’s mouth!
But what about the websites that are high-quality, yet aren’t ranking in Google search results? This is a situation of what came first… instead of an egg or chicken it is the ranking or the effective website.

What About Link Building?

Building links is a hot topic among internet marketers, because quality authority back links are factored and will increase your Page Rank in Google. Back links basically say “hey, this is a good site!”
Unless you cheat, which is why backlinks are losing their value and it’s also why it was a bigger challenge for real quality websites to compete against those that follow the risky strategies. Luckily, search engine algorithms continuously improve to tip the hat back in your favor (if you do run a quality website) and penalize the cheaters.
With that in mind, building backlinks can help you as long as you do it right. Here are a few tips that show the right way to gain credible backlinks.

  • Publish quality content that readers will enjoy and want to share.
  • Utilize social media.
  • Guest blog.
  • Publish quality marketing articles.

It Helps To Pick The Right Keywords

Do yourself a favor and look at the list of keywords that you want to rank for. Analyze the value of each keyword (how much traffic is it bringing you, how many conversions per keyword, etc.) and trim your list down to the most relevant and effective search phrases. You might find that less is more.

Use Google’s Services To Increase Your Presence in Search Results

Google offers end users a powerful search engine to find what they are looking for as quickly and efficiently as possible.
All smart website owners want to be ranked on the front page of Google search results because that means more targeted traffic which should also mean more customers. However, what about the customers you should be getting from Google that don’t even need to visit your website?
Here are a few basic ways that you can increase your presence in Google search results:

  • Google Places
  • G+ (Google Plus)
  • Submitting your products / services (if relevant) to sell through Google Shopping
  • Submitting your news through Google News
  • Maintaining an external blog on Blogger

Hire a Google SEO Expert You Can Trust

The biggest mistake you can make is hiring the wrong SEO guy. Sure it’s easy to do because the internet is littered with newcomers who claim to be SEO experts. If you put the reputation of your brand in the wrong hands, it is your brand who suffers the consequences. So it truly is in your best interest to find the right SEO expert you can trust to get results without taking risks. (Click here for tips on finding that kind of SEO expert.)

Above all else, if everything you’ve tried to raise your Page Rank is failing…

It’s because you’re trying too hard to raise your Page Rank. Seriously.
If you recall in the first statement, the most important element taken into consideration is the quality and value of your website… for real people, not search engines. You can’t fake or manipulate that, so revisit your website design and content to determine what’s slacking.




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