How To Get Visitors To Return To Your Website

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Outside of lowering your bounce rate, increasing the rate of repeat traffic is one of the most beneficial goals to achieve for a higher—and more sustainable—authority with search engines.

But that’s not really the only reason to bring visitors back, or it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Right?

The true benefits of repeat traffic come in the form of brand awareness and loyalty. Here are a few ways to make it happen:

Trigger a Reaction

Strong-voiced brands have no problem posting articles on controversial topics because it differentiates their audience. A strong article lays down the platform for heated discussion in the comments section. The point is to get visitors really interested and spark an action.

Don’t Be Forgettable

In other words, don’t be boring. Don’t be stale. Don’t be predictable. You shouldn’t have to ask traffic to subscribe if they’ve already decided they don’t want to miss a thing from you… just show them where and how.

Don’t Be Spammy

When visitors have subscribed to receive email notifications, don’t make them regret it. Know how much is too much. Also, don’t give away too much in the inbox or active subscribers won’t have anything worth clicking for.

Be Consistent

If you attract new visitors with the lure of a free sample, your visitors are now expecting you to give away things for free. As soon as you ask them to buy, your message is inconsistent. Start your relationship on the right foundation—one that focuses on trust and mutual benefits.


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