How to Accidentally Fail at Internet Marketing

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When you mess up, suck it up and learn from your mistakes. Don’t waste your time playing the blame game… those mistakes will continue to repeat themselves until you own up to the real faults that led to the unfortunate outcome.

Blame Google.

If your website was struck down by any of the algorithm updates, it’s not Google’s fault. It’s partly your SEO guys fault but mostly the fault of the guy who hired the SEO guy that gambled with your credibility. Risky shortcuts aren’t worth the consequences.

Failure is inevitable when you put search ranking at a higher priority than attracting qualified buyers and converting them into loyal customers.

Be aggressive.

If you actually believe that 500 poorly written crappy articles will do you a bit of good, best of luck to you! That same investment can be spent on one valuable article that continues to deliver sustainable results.

Invest more on advertising than on providing a quality product/service.

In the modern world, the market is run by consumers. If your product/service does not have great reviews then you will lose to competitors who are offering more. Stay ahead of the competition and be proactive by prioritizing true quality… not just claiming it.


Customer service is just as important as the quality of your product/service, if not more so. Automating your email marketing or social media might sound like a good idea at the time, but the convenience does not compare to the negative impact of telling potential customers that you run on autopilot. One sided conversations are useless when it comes to any form of internet marketing.


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