Google’s Project Soli Is On The Go

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According to Google, they are just one step behind from completing the project which was approved in 2015, requiring high power levels for better accuracy. It has been under the experimental state for years now, and the project will be completed in a few months. 

It means you don’t have to tap the screen anymore, and this project suggests using gestures instead of tapping, swiping the screen. You will be using gestures like rubbing a thumb and index fingers to control the OS of a smartwatch or speakers. It means you will need to move your hand close to the device and perform suggested gestures like playing a music file on JBL speaker will be just a movement of fingers away. There will be tiny radar sensors in these devices waiting to accept your gestures.

Google Soli Project

A while ago this project wasn’t really ready to go in the experimental phase because of not picking up the gestures, and it also meant that there might be a limited number of gestures. Google said this is all due to the lower power levels it required higher power levels to be operated which federal communication commissions refused or restricted us from using.

FCC granted the waiver on December 31st because they ascertained about the project Soli that it would cause no harm and thus can be beneficial for the people in many ways. This approval means merely that soon we will have devices which will not require any tapping on the screen but will be controlled by just moving your fingers in the air. 

This can be really helpful for the smartwatches we use every day because of their tiny displays it is really hard to scroll, tap on the screen or read something while walking. It is not only beneficial for all the people but especially to the ones who have mobility problems and can’t sense the touch feelings means physical impairments.

Now things are going to change as we can already see what’s coming in future, are you excited to use one of these gadgets?


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