9 Jan 2019

Search Engine Optimization Techniques To Look Out For In The Year 2019

Getting a website developed is not a big deal, but managing, operating, keeping it updated with unique content and on top of that you need good search engine optimization. It becomes a full-time job which is why most of the companies hire different firms or experts for SEO purposes who can take care of their content and website. 

best seo techniques for 2019

SEO is a broad term, and we keep hearing about new updates now and then. However, some of the techniques that will still be effective and always have been are: 

⦁    Keyword in the Title: The most important of all in on page SEO is adding the main keyword to your title after which comes the main H1 tag known as the first heading of the page, usually contains the primary keyword same as the title but it can be changed.
⦁    Adding Proper Navigation to your Pages: doesn’t matter what kind of content you have, in order to get a good rank, you need to add links to your other pages of the website.
⦁    Add Breadcrumbs: If you have an e-commerce website you need to add breadcrumbs, this is because they create a good formation within your site.
⦁    Compress your Images: Images make the website really heavy so they need to be compressed before being uploaded. 
⦁    Making it Mobile Friendly: As people are using smartphones now, your site needs to be mobile responsive which means it should support the browser of the smartphone very well. You can test Here if your website is mobile friendly or not.

These were the basics being used and will always be used. Now, let’s talk about SEO in a different manner, what new is there going to be in 2019. Websites will be optimized for voice search, means half of the searches made will be made by voice this year, whether it is Alexa, Siri or Google. They take data from the SERPs and play information in the snippet as their answer. There will be topic clusters instead of keywords because the relevancy is more important as Google will be checking the structure of the content. After Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine which is why YouTube SEO is critically important for your website.

These were a few basics and what you need to focus on in this year to add your website to the SERP and rank it in all the search engines.

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