Formatting Tweets to Gain More Followers

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Creating compelling content is essential to a good online marketing strategy. However, Twitter is an incredibly chaotic social platform for marketers, despite the evidence of its success. Standing out amongst the oceans of other companies, organizations and individuals can seem like a challenge, so how do you keep your head above water? Studies imply that there is a way of formatting your tweets to help you gain more followers, and generate better traffic.

Want more retweets?

The first step to getting more re-tweets is using fewer characters. The shorter your tweet is, the more likely your followers are to pick it up and repost it, as leaving more space will give them the opportunity to add their own thoughts to what you have said. Research suggests that approximately 100-115 characters are the best length for tweets when you want them to be re-tweeted. Another good option is to include links to other posts or articles that are relevant to what you’re saying. Remember, it doesn’t have to be an article that you’ve written, just something that your readers will thank you for posting. Finally, remember that you don’t have to see Twitter as a platform only available for text. Twitter is now capable of featuring visual content by expanding the images in your tweets automatically. Including stunning or interesting visuals alongside your commentary is a great way of catching your audiences’ eye and helping your tweets to stand out amongst the crowd. In fact, studies have shown that images in your tweets will provide you with double the rate of engagement.

Want more clicks?

If you want your audience to click on the links that you’re including in your tweets, then don’t put them at the end of a post. Studies have suggested that the best position for an effective link is about a quarter of the way through your tweet. Also, remember to customize your link if possible, as this will generate more engagement than lengthy, standardized links. Another great tip for enhancing your clicks is to tease your followers a little. You don’t need to give everything away in the body of your tweet if you’re linking to the information anyway. If a reader can figure out your entire story within a couple of words, then they’re not going to click away for more. Try to frame your tweets so that they promote the content and highlight your audiences’ curiosity. Usually, if you can’t think of a better way to be mysterious, it can be effective to simply ask your readers a question that they absolutely need to answer.


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