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Early Stage Internet Marketing Mistakes

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Startup businesses require extra special attention in the early stages of internet marketing because setbacks or mistakes will cost a loss in potential loyal customers.

Stop Trying To Explain Yourself!

At any stage, it is a huge mistake to focus your time and energy on explaining your start up business—who you are, what you do, why, etc.

This mistake is made most often during the early stages of development for a startup business, which makes sense because you want to be sure everyone understands your business concept.

Instead, talk about what your business can do in as few words as possible… and then focus on the benefit (not the features) of your product or service.

Show. Don’t (Just) Tell.

There’s a good reason why visual-driven social networks and apps (Pinterest, Instagram) are so popular. It’s easier to immediately relate to and retain information you see compared to information that you read or hear.

Great copy is king, but it’s still the visual impact that is critical for breaking down complex subjects, simplifying comprehension and ultimately increasing conversion.

Stop Focusing Too Much on Getting Traffic Instead of Qualifying Traffic

Any boost in traffic is useless if your bounce rate is too high. Focus on who you reach, how you reach them, and how they respond to your site. It’s better to attract 20 customers than it is to attract 200 “visitors” that don’t convert.

Nobody Likes a Copycat

One of the worst mistakes you can make is copycatting other, relevant brands. This isn’t even just limited to internet marketing. In general, originality cannot be faked or duplicated.

Instead of trying to be “like” anyone else… focus on how you are different!


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