The moment you realize that duplicating content is really bad.

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Of course you already know that, but it needs to be said over and over again until the moment you realize that duplicating content is really bad! So when you ask your SEO content writers to make sure the words they send will “pass copy scape” it means that you’re still stuck in the past. For one: you don’t want content strictly for SEO. For another thing: you shouldn’t even have to think about running content through a plagiarism tool. It should already be original.

Well, check for plagiarism anyways.

You really don’t want to be the fool who does publish duplicated content. Checking for plagiarism is a smart way to determine if you can trust your writers to produce something original.

Because a well-paid writer could still rip you off.

Yeah, it happens but it’s easy to catch in a plagiarism tool. However, you are (approximately) infitinity times more likely to get ripped off if you are a cheap client.

Consider the minimum wage and the skills required to produce genuinely original unique articles. If you’re still trying to pay the smallest possible amount for a writer then you’re screwing yourself over. Even if they provide something that does pass the plagiarism test it is still going to be a useless pile of word puke that nobody wants to read.

Just bear in mind that paying more does not necessarily mean you’ve got a reliable writer who doesn’t rip your content off of another website. Take the time to check each article for authenticity until you know you’ve found the right writer worthy of trusting. (You’ll know you have the right writer when your bounce rate decreases and your conversion rate increases.)

What to do when you see another article you really love?

Somebody else has published something that you wish you’d published. It happens. The wrong thing to do would be to run it through an article spinning program that strips out all of the value and produces a nonsense version of the article (which would pass a plagiarism test.) That option is just wrong on so many levels.

The right thing to do would be to respond to that article and link to the original source. Elaborate. Add your own views or opinions. Whatever you do, it should be yours and include a direct link to the original source because those words.

Forget SEO. What is the most important reason why duplicate content hurts you?

Originality cannot be duplicated. Authority can’t be faked. If you are not confident enough in your own authenticity and feel the need to copy somebody else… perhaps you are doing the wrong thing?

You are just an option to your leads, and originality is what gives each visitor a reason to choose you over every other option available. Duplicating content only makes the original source look better.


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