Different Ways To Achieve a Google Top 10 Ranking

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Different Ways To Achieve a Google Top 10 Ranking
So you’ve tried everything to increase your Google Page Rank and get in the top 10 (your website listed on the front page) but nothing is working?
Maybe you haven’t tried everything then.

Having a Quality Website is the Most Important Part.

Google offers a service to people… not to you. Google does not owe you a top 10 ranking just because you optimized for a keyword. You have to earn that ranking by providing the same audience (search engine users) with the answers they seek.
Maybe you’ve been trying too hard to get a Google Top 10 Ranking and you’ve skipped over the most important part. Take another look at your analytics and see what’s slacking.

Quality Web Design

Poorly designed websites, or websites built using a generic or free template, show a lack of commitment.
If you want to be taken seriously, hire a professional web developer who will create a custom website that is professional, personal, credible, and unique.

Quality Web Content

Content is king, yada yada yada.
This is what people come to your website for. If you rip off content from another website, it doesn’t matter if it “passes copyscape”. The original source is more valuable. So be the original source of awesome content…

Quality Experience

If your bounce rate is high, you aren’t giving traffic what they want. So why would Google send you more traffic?

Take the Focus Off Getting Traffic To Your Website

If the end goal is to increase brand awareness and get more customers through targeted Google searches, it can be done without aggressively trying to drive traffic to your website.

Google Places

Quite possibly the most beneficial tool—especially for small businesses who deal with a local audience—Google Places outranks all the website listings on the front page of Google search results anyways.
Whenever possible, claiming and maintaining a Google Places page is the simplest and most effective way to rise to the very top of local Google search results. Hopefully you already knew this, but be sure to complete every section. Offer a special offer. Respond to reviews (but don’t buy fake reviews!). An active listing on Google Places is extremely powerful!

Google Plus (G+)

So your brand uses Twitter and Facebook regularly. (Hopefully.) You might have dismissed Google Plus as the Bing of social media… but some people do use Bing and some people do use G+. Don’t exclude those people!
More importantly, G+ is a social network by Google. One could very easily deduce that owning and maintaining an active presence on Google Plus is an easy way to improve your page rank. Right?
Not surprisingly, there are a number of ways to connect your website with a G+ page that add authority to both. When you associate a blog author with their G+ profile, your listing in Google search results comes with fancy extras that make it pop out:

Read this page for more information on how to maximize your Google authority by associating your blog/website with your G+ page.

Google News

Getting your story into Google News may be a challenge.
Read here for the requirements and details. It’s important that your news stories be relevant and interesting to people.
Google will not promote news stories that are spammy, parroting another news source, or can be described as:

  • Advice
  • How to ____
  • Strictly informational (stock data, weather forecasts)
  • Job postings

Pay For It

If only there were an easy way to just give Google money in exchange for placement on the front page of targeted search results…
Oh yeah! Google AdWords is a PPC program where you can pay for a guaranteed spot on the front page of Google search results. (Unfortunately, the click through rate is much lower than with an organic listing in the Top 10.)
While most search engine users will ignore your spot in the “sponsored listings” sections on the top or on the side of results, a simple glance is all it takes to initiate brand awareness. Just keep up with it other ways.
AdWords covers sponsored ads in other places too… not just on Google search results. You’ll reach targeted users who are reading blog articles or browsing through the web. Brand awareness is all about increasing your entire presence on the web!


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