Debunking 5Myths About Working From Home

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More and more people want to work from home these days… Yet fewer people understand how to truly make working from home work out. Instead of being the next “serial entrepreneur” (AKA somebody who just hasn’t really had a successful idea yet, or hasn’t put enough full effort into an idea to make it successful) it helps to take the time to understand the truth about working from home.

For starters, it’s not going to be as fun as you’d think.

Working from home is not glorified playtime. On the contrary, it is time spent working. It doesn’t matter where you work from, it is still work and you’re only going to get back what you are willing to put in.

On the bright side, it can be fun to “work” if you enjoy and truly love what you are doing. But even then… It is still work. It’s more enjoyable than “fun”.

Secondly, you’re only going to make as much money as you earn.

Some entrepreneurs will tell you that you can get rich working from home. (They are probably trying to sell you some kind of American Dream scam.)

Others will tell you that it’s not worth quitting your day job. (They probably gave up at the first sign of failure.)

No matter what other experiences or motives might have you believing, it is possible to make a lot of money working from home. Everything is relative of course. Again, it has less to do with where you work from than it has to do with the work you do. If there is a need for what you offer, and you are good at it, then the formula is there.

Working from home is a scam.

There are so many scams out there promising the dream that it is no surprise why you might not have full confidence in a legitimate business opportunity.

Spending your money on a shady “opportunity” is a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Offering your own products or services in exchange for money is not a scam. If you have a good idea, make it happen. Just don’t expect any easy shortcuts to wealth beyond your dreams. It doesn’t happen like that. Sorry.

Making your own hours is one of the biggest benefits of working from home.

Technically, this isn’t really that big of a myth because it is true. This is one of the biggest benefits of working from home. It’s right up there with the ability to work in your pajamas. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

After working from home for so long, you will learn that productivity depends on you acting like you would if you worked in an office. You need to set and stick to a strict schedule (also important for a work/life balance) and you need to dress for success (also don’t neglect your hygiene!).

Clients won’t take you seriously if you work from home.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you need to meet with clients in person, it is perfectly fine to meet at their location or a 3rd party hot spot, like a restaurant or coffee shop. If possible, there is nothing new, uncommon, or unprofessional about meeting in a home-based office.

Clients will judge you by the quality of your work, not where you do it.


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