Google Assistant Adding Audio to Its News Assistant

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Google takes a step forward by adding audio news to its intelligent yet straightforward news assistant. We can only wonder what it would be like when we wake up in the morning and ask Google to play the news.

Google is working with various publishers around the world, like people who still listen to the radio in their phone can listen to the news/headlines any time they want with the help of Google audio assistant. It brings the Artificial Intelligence of Google news to voice. The most common question we used to ask the Assistant was “OK Google, what’s the weather?” “OK Google, take a selfie.” We have used the Google assistant for several purposes over the years and now is the time to evolve.

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Google, in the beginning, didn’t decide to give its assistant a name as Siri or Alexa, but now we all think it needs to change. Well saying “Ok Google” seems a little weird as if you try saying it more than 3 or 4 times your tongue might slip. If you want to ask the assistant to do something for you won’t you prefer calling it by a name? So, we are hoping that they will give its assistant a name soon.

Google audio news assistant will let you even pause, replay the news the way you want to listen, for example, you misheard something you can ask to replay that specific part instead of listening to the whole story again by just quoting the headline. If you don’t want to hear the entire news, you can choose a topic from the headlines and ask your virtual assistant to play it for you while you are jogging or having your breakfast. 

Google has decided to hit a specific number of people with the help of Google assistant in the United States in English and has welcomed publishers from all over the world who construct English language content.


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