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Internet professionals who hire budget friendly web content writers (overseas) that know nothing about the industry will probably be paying for copycat content—that is a spun version of content that has been taken from a competitors website.

If you can’t be bothered to provide base content to use as a substance for your web pages, and you can’t be bothered to invest in a quality copywriter who would establish a brand identity that sets your website apart from competitors… then you can just provide a list of relevant websites and waste your money on unoriginal content.

Even if you use a plagiarism tool to check that your content is 100% “unique” (according to a formula)… it isn’t.

Even if you’re only looking at industry leaders for inspiration because what works for others might work for you… it won’t.

Ignore that thin grey area between being inspired by and ripping off a competitor. “Must pass a plagiarism checker” is not how you define original or unique. Ever.

What works for somebody else, works because it is unique or original. That’s why it works. Get your own area of expertise. Focus on your own specialty.

It’s not about the budget, or what you can afford. It’s about building something sustainable, and not an alternative yet oddly identical version of something better.

There is no excuse that can justify cloning or copycatting a competitor or relevant website. It is the most ineffective and counterproductive strategy you could ever waste your effort, time, and money on.


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