Boosting Your Content Conversions with PPC

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Many people believe that great content marketing is capable of simply promoting itself. Good content is incredibly essential in the world of online marketing – but it’s also important to note that even the best content is useless when no-one gets to see it. Promoting your content is takes a lot of effort, and a lot of time. You’ll need to develop the most amazing content available, and make sure that people talk about it– most often using social media. However, there is another channel which could work for you.

Pay per click options could help to place your content in the path of potential customers. Following are some times that could improve your content marketing conversions with the use of PPC.

  1. Include Your Content in Your Call-to-Action

Any good advertisement should have a good call-to-action. Ads that simply ask users to “click here” aren’t that convincing. Instead, your call-to-action needs to inform users exactly what’s going to happen when they click. A call-to-action which informs the customer of what they should expect is good – but one that gives them reasons why they should be clicking is far more effective. Focus on the problems that your customers currently face and offer ways to fix those issues.

  1. Consider your Sales Funnel

If you get an email address from a customer, you can usually assume that they’re considering buying something from you. Just like getting a number off a girl for a date – you can’t guarantee that you’ll get results, but you assume your chances are better. Online content can work similarly. Some content will be shown to everyone – the highest point of your sales funnel, whereas others are created for the explicit purpose of generating leads. If someone chooses to complete the download form by entering their email, they move down the sales funnel.

Broad content is great for reaching traffic at the highest point of your funnel, but content that is located behind forms will need more commitment. You may find that it is better suited to those who are more likely to make a purchase, or who have better ties with your brand. Try using long-tail keywords as part as an effort to reach out to those who are further down the funnel.

  1. Use Information to Personalize your Content

Your content and PPC teams should be in a constant state of communication. IF you discover that the largest portion of people clicking on your ads live within a certain area, or work in a particular industry, you’ll need to develop content that is tailored more personally to them.

PPC and content marketing are concepts that can be easily combined. Once you have made the content that your audience has been looking for, you need to make sure that the content gets the attention it deserves. Sometimes, the right PPC moves can highlight your content marketing campaign as a beacon of success.


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