Black Hat SEO Techniques

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Let’s be honest. If black hat SEO techniques didn’t work… they wouldn’t exist. So let’s not bash the black hatters just yet. The whole black vs. white battle isn’t even about a difference in SEO techniques used… it’s more about how different the perspectives are.
At least, where each point of view originates. It is a problem when a provider only knows black hat SEO techniques and still attempts to offer their skills to an audience where black hat strategies are not beneficial.

Black hat SEO techniques are based on aggressive goals, not sustainable.

  • If you want to get on the front page of Google as quickly as possible.
  • If your website is easily disposable. (Focusing on affiliate marketing or other fast-income schemes.)
  • Black hat SEO techniques are essentially used most often for websites that can’t be described as ethical or valuable.

To the honest person, black hat SEO techniques make no sense. Then again, neither would the concept of making money on a spam or ad filled website. It’s as simple as 2 different perspectives. Without judging, these are the SEO techniques that are used by a provider who does not care about long term stability.

  • Link-building techniques focus on quantity, not quality. Usually involves buying bulk backlinks for cheap, in an attempt to quickly boost the Google Page Rank of a website.
  • Cheap content is used. Writers are chosen based on rates, not skills. (Some may ask for “native English speakers, perfect grammar, no errors.” They are clearly confused about what you actually get for a $5 article.)
  • All content does not have to be original. Most of the content is plagiarized from an existing website and spun multiple times. This is obvious when the phrases use synonyms that make no sense. It also damages the readability of the content.

For white hat SEO, It is always advised to add high-quality, original content to your website. Original means the absence of duplication and this can be assured through a plagiarism check tool.

Why you should watch out for black hat SEO techniques.

If you own a real business, and want to have real success, it just is not worth the risk to deal with the consequences of taking a shortcut. Black hat SEO techniques are not based on maintaining an effective web presence. Instead, they focus on “fast and furious” methods that are guaranteed to be short lived.

How to avoid black hat SEO techniques.

Remember that cheap ain’t skilled, and skills ain’t cheap. Looking for a low bidder to maintain your SEO needs is as risky as asking a fast food worker to help manage your investments. The kind of provider a reputable brand needs is somebody who also understands branding and marketing. Somebody who can explain the difference between black and white hat techniques with clarity. Somebody who can make recommendations based on your unique individual needs, goals, and expectations.


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