Be Useful: Understand Smart Online Marketing

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It seems to a lot of people, regardless of how much research they do, or how much effort they put into improving their strategies, marketing is constantly evolving – constantly growing more difficult. The truth is that, if you’re doing it right, you should never get to a point in your marketing strategy where you feel as though things are easy and simple. Marketing will always be difficult, because your competition is constantly improving and learning, just like you.

The consumers that you want to reach out to our already overwhelmed with contact from every angle, with companies of various shape, size and description offering incentives to buy, follow, share, subscribe and more. So how can you succeed online in a world so full of competition? The option to give up is no option at all – after all, you have to be online to be successful, so this means looking at yourself, and thinking about what you can offer. To succeed in today’s market, you need to be useful – to create marketing that people benefit from – not marketing that is simply tolerated.

Offering Useful Information

The first type of useful information that you can provide is the “self-serve” option, where you create a database of information that allows individuals to inform themselves about different things whenever, and however they like. The second type is having the foresight to answer the questions your customers are going to ask you – before they even ask you. Finally, the third is being relevant in real-time; ensuring that you are useful to a customer during specific moments of their life.

Build Trust with Transparency

It’s a fundamental fact of life that most people don’t trust businesses, however, at the same time, trust is essential to your success, offline or online. Without trust, you’re not going to establish customers or a future for your company. Unfortunately, a lot of online marketing engages in activities designed to destroy trust – pages that are too aggressive – or emails that stalk your target market.

Instead of hounding your customers, be transparent and offer them the information that they need whenever they choose to access it. Be open about the positives and negatives of your company, and prove that you can overcome difficulties that customers have had in the past. By doing this, you will find that consumers are far more likely to trust you.

Understanding Relevancy in Real-time,

One way that businesses can establish their usefulness in real-time is to offer information that is relevant based on the location of their consumer base. For example, if you’re a handyman offering repair tips, then you might want to discuss issues on your blog or newsletter in regards to the current weather within your area, or the most recent issues your customers have been having.

Remember to Evolve

There are so many different ways to market yourself online today, that it can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out. The important thing to remember is that you need to find the techniques that work best for your business. Discover what works for you, and don’t’ give up just because the first solution doesn’t take in the way that you hoped it would. Online marketing has a lot of factors within it to consider, but it’s not going to slow down today, and it’s not going to change in the future.


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