Insanely Actionable SEO Tips for 2019 You Don't Want To Miss

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It is highly recommended that whatever you read and learn about SEO on the internet, you always test it out and validate your ideas regarding SEO. There is much misinformation that is roaming around on the internet regarding the SEO practice, and everyone has become an expert in this field.

This is why it gets challenging to trust which information is worthy of applying when you put a resourceful amount of energy, time and money into obtaining results over time in SEO.



In this article, we’ll talk about some complicated SEO tips and tricks that we have broken down into simplest forms and made easy for you to understand that you can use straight away to increase the organic search traffic on your campaign. These are equally adaptable for small businesses and larger ventures.

1. Get Your Content Ranked In Google Snippet

When a user searches a query or a question for example, ‘How to make a lemon cake?’. The feature you will come across on the top of the search page will be a box including a recipe from a website on making lemon cake. Google shows this featured snippet within the search results on several occasions typically when a question-based keyword is searched.

The Snippet feature on the search result sections inside the first page of Google is an incredibly important section to have your content placed within. If your page gets ranked in the Featured Snippet, the ranking of the average click-through rate that takes the user to your website can increase by over 100%.

So let us go through the factors that contribute massively to getting your content on the Featured Snippet result.

    1. The HTML headers should need to have the targeted search keywords within.

    2. Google prefers to add the ‘Steps’ in the featured snippet instead of long paragraphs, and you should have ‘how to’ as a keyword at the beginning which is searched more by the user.

   3. Adding to the point above, Google includes content with a precise answer to the searched question. For example, directly start your content with ‘The first step is.’

Tip: You can use our Keyword Rank Checker to find different keywords you rank for where there is a Featured Snippet.

2. Boost the Content that is performing less well than expected

Much well-written content is a crucial part of successful SEO but what if only 1/3rd of the material has featured keywords in it. It is an absolute reality that a large percentage of organic traffic that is generating leads in results comes from well-managed content using relevant searched keywords.


The Google Search Console provides you with insights into your content’s ‘Clicks,’ ‘Positions’, and the ‘Impressions’ it has received. It will reveal the data that provide which keywords are bringing in the most traffic. Your target should be using keywords with the result of positions from 10 to 25, which can potentially increase the chances of your content appearing on Page 1 and resulting in more traffic to your campaign.

  • Track and Scale your Results

Use the keyword position checker to track the keywords you are trying to improve. It is a simple keyword tracking tool that even ‘new to SEO’ can use easily. Simply upload the keywords you are using in your content and tag them accordingly. Once you start seeing the results from the daily and weekly reports on improvements using this tool you can start viewing your content in higher ranks.

3. Make Use of Influencer Platforms for promotion and product reviews

Social media influencer platforms and bloggers are a great addition to your marketing campaign if you promote a range of products and services. There are many platforms that connect you with potential influencers to team up with and promote your product range via video and photo content to generate a considerable amount of traffic.

The price of a campaign can vary depending on how influential a blogger or influencer is. However, the good news is they are way less expensive than promoting your product through a marketing agency that can fit in your price range.

4. Always Update and Republish the Old Content

Re-writing and updating the old content on your website is a bit lethargic and an unwanted task. However, that should not be the case. If the date of the blog you posted is old, then it will appear lower down on the website architecture. In other words, the higher the content on your website, the more fresh and powerful your page’s feed is.

As you keep writing and adding new content to the page, the older posts will go deeper on your website architecture, as it will be shown on pages 3, 4, 5 or so of your blog feed. The same way Google ranks your content.

Therefore, a little friendly tip is to keep updating your old content posts. Swap around the old reference, facts, and figures with the new one and change the date of posting the content to the current date, and you can republish the content.

Pro Tip: You don’t need to invest time and effort in republishing existing content, as the paraphrasing tool is readily available to offer assistance to you in this regard.

This will help in such a manner that more relevant material is now added to your feed and new updated Keywords will boost the traffic again on your long-lost content. It will also make the content on your website architect appear higher, as it will now be on the first page of your blog feed.

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