A Simple Exercise to Achieve Your Goals

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Right now! Go collect a blank piece of paper, a pen (or sharpened #2 pencil), and an ice cream cone.


Okay, now with your preferred writing utensil you need to write down what your number one top priority goal is that you hope/want/need to accomplish.

Stare at it.

Close your eyes. Eat the ice cream cone and envision that goal has become a reality.

How does it make you feel? (You’ll find your inspiration there.) Write that down.

Why is this particular goal so important to you? (You’ll find motivation there.) Write that down.

Now it might get a little sad, but you need to think about everything that stands in your way. It could be internal (maybe you’re afraid of something?) or it could be an external challenge.

Don’t let yourself get brought down, but write down these things. Yes, things. Plural. There should be several things standing between you and this goal-you-want-so-bad-you-can-almost-taste-it.

If not, you need to pick a bigger goal.

Now each of those negative things you just wrote down… those are your obstacles. It’s a challenge to overcome each of them, but now you have a clear sense of what stands in your way.

Overcoming each of those individual challenges just became a new mini goal.

This is where the rest falls on you. Every person will have a unique goal, unique motivation, and unique obstacles to overcome.

If it helps, draw an awesome picture of what motivates you because it’s worth the effort that it takes to get past those roadblocks. Right?

(If not, pick a bigger goal. Seriously!)

The next steps, however, depend on your dedication to overcoming those individual obstacles. One at a time. Some mini goals may need to be accomplished first and that’s fine. In fact, it’s better to have a time line in place.

When do you want to beat X {mini goal} by?

Finally, keep track of progress and reward yourself everytime a mini goal is accomplished. Everytime you beat an obstacle, that’s one milestone closer to your ultimate goal!


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