A Short Guide To PPC Ad Formats

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PPC (Pay Per Click) you may have come across such a term when looking for advertising over the internet. It is a way of driving traffic to a website, webpage, or content. This is where an advertiser pays the person who publishes the ads when their ad is clicked/tapped. The first thing we’ll be focusing on are the text ads:




In-text Advertisement

It’s the kind of advertisement where the keywords are matched within the content of the webpage used for publicizing purpose. The text ads usually have a short description which is ninety characters long along with two headlines. You have the options to disable the appearance of URL in the ads and today Bing and Google are paying more attention to how these ads appear in the SERP.

You can go for another option which is responsive text-ads, they usually look like regular ads, but this is where the advertiser can upload different descriptions and headlines so Google can shamble them for best results. You have the option to upload up to fifteen headlines but should however upload at least a minimum of 3 captions and descriptions.

App download Ads

Everyone who is a smartphone user finds ads in different applications, and such ads show the advertisements of Apps which are suitable for your tablet or smartphone. These apps automatically detect your OS and display ads based on what type you can download. Also, the application needs to be live to meet the eligibility criteria.

These ads can appear in a number of places including the search engine page results, the Play Store, the mobile browser. This is where the advertisers can add four lines of twenty-five characters and can include images, video snippets for better productive options. The advertiser can decide how to work with PPC here it can be pay per click or pay per download.

Local Ads and Google Maps

The local service ads appear in the SERP and are automatically based on your location, let’s say you are searching for plumbers in a specific area, you will be given information in blocks which will include address, contact number, and the name of the company with ratings. Of course, we always go with the ads that have high ratings good reviews because there’s a very tiny chance of disappointment.

These ads are shot gunned for localized searches and also are not pay per click but pay per lead. The Google ads are sponsored locations and always appear at the top of SERP. The rules are the same, and you will be paying per click, but this time the traffic won’t be generated to your site but to your services information which includes, contact details, directions.

Other ads include hotels, shopping, videos, and images all these ads are PPC based and the advertiser has to pay to the publisher per click and per view.


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